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Championship Fighting

Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense

by Jack Dempsey

“The Manassas Mauler”


Championship Fighting: Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense by Jack Dempsey

Jack Dempsey (1895–1983) held the World Heavyweight Championship from 1919 to 1926.

Many of his fights set financial and attendance records, including the first million-dollar gate.

Dempsey was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1951 and is considered to be one of the greatest boxers of the twentieth century.

Fighting techniques and strategies from World Champion and Hall of Fame Boxer, Jack Dempsey.

Originally published in 1950, Jack Dempsey, one of the greatest and most popular boxers of all time, reveals the techniques behind his unparalleled success in the ring.

Straightforward and with detailed illustrations, Championship Boxing instructs the reader in the theory, training, and application of powerful punching, aggressive defense, proper stance, feinting, and footwork.

The methods Dempsey reveals will prove useful to both amateurs and professionals.

“I was confident that I could take the rawest beginner, or even an experienced fighter, and teach him exactly what self-defense was all about.” — Jack Dempsey

Table of Contents Reveals 25 Fact Filled Chapters

Chapter 1 – Explosives at Toledo

Chapter 2 – Good and Bad Toledo Aftermaths

Chapter 3 – Punchers Are Made; Not Born

Chapter 4 – Why I Wrote This Book

Chapter 5 – Differences Between Fist-Fighting and Boxing

Chapter 6 – You’re the Kayo Kid

Chapter 7 – What Is a Punch?

Chapter 8 – The Falling Step

Chapter 9 – The Power Line

Chapter 10 – Relaying and Exploding

Chapter 11 – Stance

Chapter 12 – Footwork

Chapter 13 – Range

Chapter 14 – Straight Punching from the Whirl

Chapter 15 – Purity in Punching

Chapter 16 – Hooking

Chapter 17 – Uppercuts

Chapter 18 – Punch Ranks First

Chapter 19 – Your Sparmate

Chapter 20 – General Defense and Blocking

Chapter 21 – Deflection

Chapter 22 – Evasion

Chapter 23 – Feinting and Drawing

Chapter 24 – Training

Chapter 25 – How to Watch a Fight

Read what others have to say about:
Championship Fighting
Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense
by Jack Dempsey

“I’ve been boxing for over 10 years and have read at least 10 books about boxing technique. This is by far the best.”
Joshua M.
Charleston, South Carolina

“One of the best books about boxing, as a boxer myself, I appreciated this book very much. You learn how to punch from the very beginning and you need to read and train the whole different techniques at the same time at the boxclub or at home. There are lot of sparring techniques; which I trained with my sparrmate (middleweight) at the boxclub to develop the attack and the defense.
Thank you Jack Dempsey, you are one of the best heavyweight-champions of the whole world.”

Brian S.
Beaver, Pennsylvania

“This book is a definite must read for any boxing enthusiast. I would also highly recommend it to any and all martial artists, as much of the information can be applied to any fighting style.
Written by Dempsey himself, it presents its information in a very straightforward, concise manner.
The book covers offensive techniques, defensive techniques, footwork, and even a fitness regimen to get you fighting fit. While some of the information is a bit dated considering when it was written, most of the information is still sound.
It’s also a short read, as Dempsey wastes no time in getting to the point. It is not a memoir, nor does it enter the realm of esoterics, it’s just a no-nonsense guide to fist-fighting, whether in the ring or on the street, with Dempsey devoting a sizable portion of the first chapters to the latter.”

Stephen R.
Akron, Ohio

“Boxing basics from one of boxing’s great Heavyweight legends. Dempsey was still flooring youths that tried to rob him as a nearly 80 year old man. He was also one of Mike Tyson’s favorite boxers. If you don’t know who Jack Dempsey is, you should probably start there. Heck you should probably combine that with the book The Arc of Boxing, that way you can get a good understanding of what has happened to boxing and, more importantly, boxing technique. Do that, and you’ll appreciate why this book is so important.”
Ray S.
Quincy, Massachusetts

“Best martial arts book ever written. A handbook for boxing back when it was a fighting art and not a sport. A bouncer or biker gang member would benefit from this as much as a boxer. Truly the best punching handbook ever put together.”
Jason P.
South Orange, New Jersey

Jack Dempsey is well known as one of the greatest boxers of all time and was also an insightful teacher of the fighting arts.

While not formally educated, he was clearly an intelligent man with a direct writing style which enabled him to easily get his point across.

He had a great understanding of the biomechanics of knockout punching and of effective defense.

While the language of this book may seem dated, the lessons you will learn from it are timeless and invaluable.

Highly recommended for amateur boxers and for any young person who wants to learn how to defend themselves.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A beautiful 5½ x 8½, perfect-bound, softcover, book with 205 pages, 25 chapters, including over 86 illustrations!

Championship Fighting

Explosive Punching and Aggressive Defense

by Jack Dempsey

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