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World’s Largest Selection of Strength Training Publications

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A Big Chest For You by REG PARK - Mr. Universe

Learn the secret methods that “Hercules” of the screen, and 3 Time Mr. Universe, REG PARK, used to build his massive 52" chest. Includes THREE 8 week training routines with 17 different exercises for the chest! A GREAT companion to “Big Arms” by REG PARK! Read More!
A Complete Guide to Effective Barbell Training by Bradley J. Steiner

Originally published in 1974, this book, unlike any other, became an instant best seller. The author's no nonsense approach to productive, progressive, weight training exercise, has placed him at or near the top of the list for all time most popular authors. Read More!
Biblical Nutrition by Rich Tucker

The sequel to "The Strength of Samson" by Michael H. Brown. In 1973 Brown was so impressed with Tucker’s knowledge of nutrition that he asked him to write a book. Two months after reading this book, he partial bench pressed (2" lockout) 1,000 lbs! Foolproof methods for gaining weight without expensive supplements. Read More!
Big Arms by REG PARK - Mr. Universe

Learn the secret methods that “Hercules” of the screen, and 3 Time Mr. Universe, REG PARK, used to develop his 19 inch muscular arms. This course provides THREE 6 week training routines including 21 different exercises for the arms! A GREAT companion to “A Big Chest for You” by REG PARK! Read More!
Black Iron: The John Davis Story by Brooks Kubik

The long awaited biography of one of the most famous American Olympic Weightlifters. Learn about his life, how he trained, his National, World and Olympic records, Championships, and the day he lifted the ponderous Apollon wheels. Read More!
Chalk and Sweat by Brooks Kubik

Anyone who trains knows that the more productive your workouts are, the faster and greater your results will be. That’s why everyone is on the lookout for a routine that is really productive. This book offers a whopping 50 different workout routines for trainees at all levels of strength. Read More!
Championship Fighting by Jack Dempsey

Fighting techniques and strategies from World Champion and Hall of Fame Boxer, Jack Dempsey. Straightforward, with detailed illustrations, Championship Boxing instructs the reader in the theory, training, and application of powerful punching and aggressive defense. Read More!
Developing Physical Strength by Bob Peoples

Mr. Deadlift tells of the unique training methods used to establish a world record deadlift. Discover his views on power rack training, the value of keeping notes and records, and about the training systems he tried, which ones worked and which ones didn't. Read More!
Developing the Grip and Forearm by Thomas Inch

The famous name Thomas Inch brings to mind one thing, grip strength. He made a name by offering a prize of £200 to anyone in the world who could lift his "unliftable" Challenge Dumbbell. Many strength athletes tried, all of them failed. Inch gives his training methods in this course. Read More!
Development of Strength by Harry B. Paschall

The companion volume that takes up where the enormously popular Muscle Moulding leaves off by telling HOW to Build a Superman Physique with Inside Secrets of the Stars of the Strength World. Full of beautiful photos of the greatest Lifters. Read More!
Diagnostic Bodybuilding by Michael H. Brown

Ever train and not gain? Hit “sticking points” or plateaus? Before you can correct a problem, you must know what it is. The author spent 43 years researching and 7 years writing this book. He explains the secrets to overcoming sticking points. Read More!
Dinosaur Bodyweight Training by Brooks Kubik

An encyclopedia of bodyweight exercises. Over 50 hard-hitting, step by step training programs for beginners, intermediates, and advanced trainees including all-bodyweight programs and programs that combine bodyweight training and weight training. Read More!
Dinosaur Dumbbell Training by Brooks Kubik

This book offers 50 different workouts, including Total Body Workouts, Specialization Programs, Combined Dumbbell/Barbell Routines, etc., for building the all important stabilizer muscles, powerful arms and shoulders, and developing a gorilla grip. Read More!
Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik

The most talked about book ever written on weight training! Finally, a weight training book written for the serious, no nonsense trainee who wants to stop wasting time and start seeing and feeling results from his hard work. Intellectual, educational, inspirational, motivational... Read More!
Feats of Strength and Dexterity by Charles MacMahon

Amaze your friends and family by learning the secrets of how to perform over 190 tests, tricks and feats of the strongman trade! Break coins, horse-shoes and chains; tear phone-books, cards and tennis-balls; bend spikes; one-arm and one-finger chinning; etc! Read More!
Goerner the Mighty by Edgar Mueller

Here's the full and authentic story of the man who many authorities consider the greatest strongman of all time. Hermann Goerner was a giant of a man, weighing as much as 290 lb. Learn his unbelievable lifts, methods and secrets of how he developed his great strength. Read More!
Gray Hair and Black Iron by Brooks Kubik

The middle aged man’s answer to Dinosaur Training! The author is over 50 and is still pushing, pulling and tugging heavy black iron. He understands the needs of the seasoned trainee and has detailed those tried and true training methods here. Read More!
Hand-Balancing for Muscular Development by Bill Hinbern

Here it is! The training manual all you "body-weight" trainees have been waiting for! Develop a powerful upper body! Amaze your friends, relatives and passersby! Kick-up into a handstand and everyone will stop and stare! All you need is you, gravity and the floor! Read More!
How to Bent Press by Siegmund Klein

The FIRST book written and dedicated exclusively to the “King of Lifts” - The Bent Press. After years of training with famous oldtime strongmen, the author explains The History of the Bent Press and demonstrates, with photos, exactly How to Bent Press with a Barbell, Dumbbell, or Live Weight. Read More!
How to Bent Press Correctly by Harold Ansorge

The only man to ever officially bent press 300 lbs. with the left arm! After studying the methods used by Arthur Saxon and spending hours of trial and error, he reveals the secrets, tricks, right and wrong styles, what worked best for him, and training programs. Read More!
How to Develop a Powerful Grip by Edward Aston

Weak wrists and grip, due to poor forearm development, diminishes your lifting power. Build up that weak link in your Chain of Strength. The author details the unusual grip training exercises he discovered throughout his strongman career. Read More!
How to Use a Barbell by William Pullum

Originally published in England in 1925, this marvelous training manual explains how to do 50 different Great Strength, Speed and Balance exercises, the technique of the 44 BAWLA Recognized Lifts, and the advice and training routines of 6 champions trained by the author. Read More!
Iron Claws by Michael H. Brown

A best selling treatise on the author's fascination with grip exercise, the bench press, and how the old-timers developed 16" forearms and enormous coin bending grip strength! His gym is his laboratory where he experiments with different theories, embracing the methods that work and discarding the ones that don’t. Read More!
Iron Man Barbell and Dumbbell Courses by Peary Rader

The same courses that shipped with Iron Man Barbells for over 30 years. They contain all the information needed to build an outstanding physique and great strength. Pupils rate them among the very best after trying all other exercises and routines. Read More!
John Grimek Weightlifting Courses

In 1936, the author laid out three courses that focused on heavy compound barbell movements using only barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. These methods added muscular body weight and developed great strength with men like John Grimek, Joseph Hise, Roger Eells and Wm Boone in a relatively short period of time. Read More!
Knife, Fork, Muscle by Brooks Kubik

This book is to nutrition, what “Dinosaur Training…” is to exercise! Eliminate all the confusion and frustration about eating for size and strength! Lose weight without going on insane diets! Eat for great strength as well as great health by learning to prepare delicious meals. Read More!
Legacy of Iron Vol. 1 - A Novel by Brooks Kubik

What could be better than going back into time and training with all the big names during the Golden Era of Weightlifting, when America was cranking out National Champions, and winning Olympic medals in weightlifting! Well, here’s your opportunity to do just that! Read More!
Legacy of Iron Vol. 2 - Clouds of War by Brooks Kubik

Volume 2 of Legacy of Iron continues during the golden years of weightlifting. Lifters like Grimek, Stanko and Davis go toe to toe to take the title strongest man! Read about bodybuilder, John Grimek and his record Military Press in the Senior Nationals. Read More!
Legacy of Iron Vol. 3 - The 1,000 Pound Total by Brooks Kubik

Volume 3 of Legacy of Iron takes you into summer of 1940 during the fierce competition between Steve Stanko, and World Champion, John Davis to be the first to total 1,000 lbs. in the 3 Olympic lifts. A lot of training methods explained to add to your routines. Read More!
Legacy of Iron Vol. 4 - York Goes to War! by Brooks Kubik

Volume 4 of the Legacy of Iron series, begins when the United States entered WW II. The war demanded an all out effort from every citizen, the people of the York Barbell Co. lead the charge by using training routines with whatever was at hand. Read More!
Legacy of Iron Vol. 5 - Barbells in the Pacific by Brooks Kubik

Volume 5 of the Legacy of Iron Series, continues shortly after Pearl Harbor, through the height of WWII including the Senior Nationals and Mr. America. It gives you the feeling that you are there reading about the weightlifting and bodybuilding contest results. Read More!
Milo Bar Bell Courses by Alan Calvert

Learn how oldtimers trained with courses shipped with Alan Calvert’s Milo Bar Bells. His books, courses, equipment, and "Strength" magazine were the last word in weightlifting in America from 1902-1935. If you lifted weights, you probably owned a Milo and were following Calvert’s famous Milo Bar Bell Courses! Read More!
Molding a Mighty Grip by George F. Jowett

Formerly a blacksmith and chainmaker, Jowett developed powerful arms, forearms, hands, and wrists, making his incredible feats of grip strength legendary. Learn his unique exercises and the many famous strongmen and their specialty feats of grip strength. Read More!
Muscle Control by Anton Matysek

The author won Bernarr Macfadden's “America’s Strongest Man” contest in 1922. He was a world renowned strongman featured month after month in Alan Calvert’s “Strength” magazine, books, and courses. Learn complete relaxation and concentration to enable you to control every muscle of your body. Read More!
Muscle Control by Maxick

This remarkable course of 1910, has run through countless editions. Adding muscle control to weight training, Maxick developed both the finest physique and was, pound for pound, the strongest man in the world! He describes how he did it with mental concentration. Read More!
Muscle Control by Walt Baptiste

When muscles are under control of the mind, they not only develop more completely, but are able to put forth far more effort in strength because the effort is based on the strength of the will. Muscle control relaxes the entire body and saves nervous energy caused by nervous tension. This course explains in depth all the popular controls. Read More!
Muscle Moulding by Harry B. Paschall

The first of a series of books and courses by the most popular writer in Bob Hoffman's, Strength and Health magazine. It tells how to train to get a Mr. America type physique; discusses various weight-training systems; muscle cramping, muscle spinning, concentration, rest-pause, set and series routines, etc. Read More!
Muscular Arms and Shoulders by Harry B. Paschall

Another Bosco How-To-Do-It Book devoted to developing huge muscular arms and shoulders! Three Complete Arm and Shoulder Training Programs including practical information to make your arm training more productive! Fully illustrated. Read More!
Physical Training Simplified by Mark Berry

Published in 1930. A mammoth contribution to the Iron Game by famous weightlifting pioneer Mark Berry. Thirty chapters on training with barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells to build a rugged physique. Complete Bar Bell Course; The Five International Lifts; etc. Read More!
Power by Paul by Paul Anderson

Considered the FIRST power lifter and athlete to successfully use the bench press, dead lift, and squat to build strength for the Olympic lifts, these instructions and photos are a must for all who want to better themselves in power lifting. It has often been hailed as "the most complete power lifting course ever written." Read More!
Progressive Resistance Exercise by Delorme and Watkins

Ever wonder why repetitions are grouped together into "sets"? Has anyone ever explained why they use “reps” and “sets” in their training, or which exercises should have high reps or sets and which ones should have low reps or sets? Well, here's the answer! Read More!
Sandow the Magnificent by David Chapman

A premier biographical treatise on the great Eugen Sandow, legendary strongman-bodybuilding stage performer who started it all. Read about his humble beginnings. Learn about his feats of strength. Marvel at the profound influence he had on physical culture. Read More!
Scientific Weight Lifting by Thomas Inch

The FIRST book by Thomas Inch became an overnight best seller! It reveals, for the first time, the secrets of how he developed his unbeatable strength while a traveling strongman. It explains how to: train for record lifts; lift, hold-out and press, etc.; raise a man with one hand; etc. Read More!
Secrets of My Strength by Paul Anderson

Learn the secrets taken from the private journal that created this Olympic weightlifting champion so, you too, can reach your full potential in physical achievement. Discover his exercises, unique personal nutrition, and what he found to be the best high protein and vegetable sources. Read More!
Sex, Money and Power by Michael H. Brown

The author's latest contribution to those who want to solve life's mental, spiritual, economical, and physical problems. The result of 30 years of bible study and observations of biblical principles in action. Explains how to read the bible, understand it, and use it to obtain your goals. Read More!
Strength and Bulk Training for Weight Lifters and Body Builders by REG PARK - Mr. Universe

PARK’s "original" 5x5 training system on weight progression, diet, rest, record keeping, sticking points, limit poundages, single attempts, boredom, injuries, exercises, etc, used to build his awesome size & strength. Read More!
Strength, Muscle and Power by Brooks Kubik

I consider this book to be the follow up to "Dinosaur Training". A collection of 28 of the author’s favorite strength training and muscle building articles that originally appeared in "Hardgainer", "Milo", and "The Iron Master", from 1991 through 1997. Read More!
Stretching by Bob Anderson

It’s no secret, with today’s increased sedentary work life, everyone, without exception, needs to increase their flexibility. If you participate in sports, it is vital that you include stretching as well as warming up. This book has helped people of all ages, sizes, and levels of fitness increase their flexibility and stay in shape. Read More!
Super Squats by Randall J. Strossen

Best selling book on building muscular bulk & power for functional strength. Pack on muscle with this basic, no nonsense training. Based on the time tested 20-rep squat, these short, intense, workouts will give you fast results without drugs, machines or expensive food supplements. Read More!
Super Strength by Alan Calvert

Alan Calvert had more original innovative, result producing, ideas on weight lifting than any other man of the early 20th century. Founder and owner of Milo Bar Bell Co. in 1902 and editor and publisher of "Strength" magazine. Considered one of the best books of all time and, in its day, the proverbial “barbell bible”. Read More!
Taming the Bent Press: A Guide to the King of Lifts by Dave Whitley

A complete guide to learning the Bent Press, the old school method for putting maximal weight overhead with one hand. Whether you are an experienced bent presser or brand new to it, this book has got you covered. This is the culmination of over a decade of practice and research. You wanna get strong? Read More!
The Art & Science of Lifting by Thomas Inch

The author learned from Arthur Saxon and became Britain’s Strongest Man in 1910. Learn how to do the: Bent Press; One-Hand Anyhow; One-Hand Clean Lift; Barbell and Kettlebell Lift; One-Handed Jerk; Two-Handed Clean Barbell Lift; Two-Hands Anyhow; etc. Read More!
The Bigger and Stronger Collection

The best collection of 5 classic weight training publications for developing strength and size. Learn about equipment, special training methods, sets, repetitions, exercises, nutrition, recuperation, etc. Build solid, longest lasting, muscularity in the shortest period of time. Read More!
The Bosco System of Progressive Physical Training by Harry B. Paschall

Four complete training programs designed to guide the pupil from start to finish in physical perfection; all-round training & conditioning; adding bulk & body weight by changing the metabolism; shaping for perfect proportions & muscularity. Read More!
The Classic Bent Press Collection

Learn the "King of Lifts" from three of the greatest masters of the Bent Press. Harold Ansorge, Siegmund Klein, and Dave Whitley, present their unique training methods for lifting more weight with one hand than with two. Strengthen and stabilize the shoulder muscles to provide greater flexibility and mobility, to improve your other lifts. Read More!
The Classic Grip Course Collection

The weakest link, not only in physical training, but in your everyday activities, is the strength of your hands and forearms. Surprisingly, the forearms respond very quickly to the right kind of exercise. Learn from four of the greatest masters of grip and forearm strength, today! Edward Aston, Michael Brown, Thomas Inch, and George Jowett. Read More!
The Complete Keys to Progress by John McCallum

Originally published as a monthly magazine series in Bob Hoffman's "Strength and Health" in the 1960’s, this book covers every topic in your quest for getting bigger and stronger. Bulk, definition, diet, breathing squats, parallel dips, The Get Big Drink, etc. Read More!
The Complete Sandbag Training Course by Brian Jones

Sandbag training is simple, economical, and safe. It builds functional strength, stamina, and grip strength that helps in everyday life. The transfer value to grappling sports is phenomenal. Train at home, in a barn, your basement, or kitchen. Read More!
The Development of Muscular Bulk & Power by Anthony Ditillo

Written by a veteran powerlifter who lifted maximum poundages throughout his training career! It details all you need to know about building muscular bulk & power in the shortest period of time. Important result-producing information. Read More!
The Development of Physical Power by Arthur Saxon

The first of two books describing Saxon’s simple methods for developing genuine strength & power. While his methods were simple, maybe even crude, by today’s standards, he explains in detail how to use barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, etc. Read More!
The Development of Physical Strength by Anthony Ditillo

The author trained up to over 300 lbs. and back down to 190 lbs. of solid muscle! You, too, can discover how to control your muscular body weight at most any poundage desired. A very popular book with those who want honest, result producing information. Read More!
The Henry Higgins Strength and Muscle Course

I stumbled across this old weightlifting course, published in 1915, by a Boston gym owner, who learned strength training methods from Sandow, Cyr, Cyclops, Samson, Kennedy, etc. These methods enabled him to put up 254 lb. with one hand! Read More!
The Jowett Institute Course by George F. Jowett

His original, 1927 edition, 6 month, 12 lesson, mail order, physical culture course using body weight & adjustable plate loading dumbbells that sent shock waves through the golden era of bodybuilding & weightlifting in the 30’s & 40’s when Jowett meant heavy lifting! Read More!
The Key to Might and Muscle by George F. Jowett

Considered to be the author's best book with 24 chapters including his life story, why home training is best; the truth about exercise; defining the mystery of strength; the science of weight lifting; etc. Plus photos of famous strong men. A Classic! Read More!
The Kings of Strength by David Chapman

Finally, this Very Rare historical 1911 salute to the old time European strong man, & woman, by Prof. Edmond Desbonnet is now available in English from the original French! After 30 years of research, it is sure to become a CLASSIC in the Iron Game! Read More!
The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding by Willoughby and Hinbern

The most complete, scientific & informative 10 lesson course on bodybuilding ever offered. Simply written, loaded with illustrations, to teach you progressive resistance training. An encyclopedia of exercises for maximum results. Read More!
The Muscle Control Collection

Combine weight training with Muscle Control and you will achieve a high degree of physical development, symmetry, muscles that are long, agile, that ripple with every movement, muscle that will have the lightness of a tiger, speed of a panther, the strength of a Sampson! Read More!
The Production of Muscular Bulk by Michael J. Salvati

There are no secrets in gaining muscular size & strength, but some methods are far more result producing than others. The author has spent many years studying the most effective exercise and nutritional methods used by champion gainers. Read More!
The Rader Master Bodybuilding and Weight Gaining System by Peary Rader

The most popular and successful weight training course ever written, with proven methods of muscle culture. It contains a wealth of bodybuilding information the author gathered over 40 years of study, research and experiment, of muscle building and nutrition. Read More!
The REG PARK Mr Universe Specialization Courses

This is the Complete Set of All 11, Very Rare, bodybuilding Specialization Courses bound in one book. These courses contain the EXACT training secrets, methods, and exercises used by the author to improve stubborn body parts when competing for Mr. Universe! Read More!
The REG PARK Mr. Universe Barbell and Dumbbell Course

Back by popular demand after 40 years! The VERY RARE secret barbell and dumbbell training methods used by World Famous Bodybuilder, REG PARK, to win the prestigious NABBA Mr. Universe 3 times! His MASTER COURSE of 2 books and 6 wall charts for successful barbell training! Read More!
The Science of Dumbbell Training by REG PARK - Mr. Universe

REG PARK discusses the importance of dumbbell training for strength and power and reveals his Famous, TWO 8 Week, Dumbbell Training Schedules utilizing 16 different illustrated exercises. He explains beginner, intermediate, and advanced training. Read More!
The Secret of the Multi-Set System by REG PARK - Mr. Universe

REG PARK discusses the "multi-set system" and why it is important for intermediate and advanced bodybuilders and weightlifters. He offers his famous 3 Month Training Schedule of 10 different illustrated exercises and explains how to apply it to your current training. Read More!
The Strength of Samson by Michael H. Brown

The author interpreted a number of health related Biblical passages and discovered Samson had a diet regimen, backed by scientific reasons--a method which, when viewed by what we know today--may enable you to surpass the strength of ancient times. Read More!
The Text Book of Weight-Lifting by Arthur Saxon

Opening this book of 1910 gives the feeling opening a training manual of strongmen of yore. It’s filled with rare never before published photos of the great Arthur Saxon, world famous performer billed as, "The Strongest Man on Earth"! This IS a Classic Book! Read More!
The Truth About Weight Lifting by Alan Calvert

The FIRST hardcover weightlifting book published in America by the inventor of the famous Milo Triplex & Duplex barbells, dumbbells, and kettlebells. Fifteen chapters on strength, power, weightlifting, heavy dumbbell exercises, etc. Read More!
The Way To Live in Health and Physical Fitness by George Hackenschmidt

Published in 1908 and by 1940, after 21 editions, was the largest selling book on physical culture ever! Hackenschmidt was The World’s Strongest Man and World’s Champion wrestler. His life and method of exercise with barbell and dumbbell training. Read More!
The York Advanced Methods of Weight Training by Bob Hoffman

A follow up to the world famous York Barbell and Dumbbell Courses. These methods were developed by many of the lifting champions of “The York Barbell Club”, like, John Grimek, John Davis, Steve Stanko, Tommy Kono, Norb Schemansky, Clyde Emerick, etc. Read More!
The York Barbell and Dumbbell System of Training by Bob Hoffman

One of the classics among strength training publications. The training methods found are often referred to time and again by all the best authors of serious strength training, even to this day! The 6 original courses, revised & edited, in an improved, easier to read, format. Read More!
Thomas Inch on Strength by Thomas Inch

Published in 1932, the author explains: Secret Methods of Music Hall Strong Men, card tearing, supporting weight, lifting human weight, chain breaking, bending & snapping iron bars, resisting the pull of 12 men; The Art of Full Contraction; etc! Read More!
Training for Power by REG PARK - Mr. Universe

TWO Famous 4 Week Training Schedules of 11 different exercises. SPECIAL BONUS! REG PARK’s, "How I Trained for the Bench Press". The EXACT training schedule used to become the FIRST bodybuilder, and SECOND man in the World, to Bench Press 500 lbs.! Read More!
Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff by Jim Johnson

Learn prevention and treatment techniques for rotator cuff injuries based on years of experience by a certified physical therapist. A step-by-step program that takes just minutes a week to complete while monitoring your progress. Read More!
Weight-Lifting Made Easy and Interesting by William Pullum

In 1926 this book was the text-book of technical instruction of the Iron Game. Pullum overcame tuberculosis and went on to become winner of 15 Championships, 50 Gold Medals, and breaker of 200 official World’s and British Weight-Lifting Records. Read More!
Weights & Sports by Paul Anderson

When writing this course, the author called on all of his years of self-experimentation, research on himself and others, and experience. It was originally designed to assist athletic coaches. It is a must-read for athletes who want to integrate an optimum lifting program with their seasonal sport without being overworked. Read More!
Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia by John Jesse

The amateur wrestler is, by far, the best conditioned athlete on the planet! This book is a must, not only for the wrestler, but for anyone who coaches such training routines. The most sought after book on physical conditioning for wrestling ever published! Read More!

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