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There are plenty of bodybuilding courses around that will teach you how to do a one arm curl.

But have you seen any instruction offered on how to train to do a one-arm chin up?

A handstand push up?

A one-finger push up?

Or how about a one-legged squat?

This course is simply written, loaded with valuable illustrations, and gets right to the task of teaching you progressive resistance training.

About the Author

At the age of 16 David P. Willoughby became interested in weightlifting, later won the A.A.U. Championship of Southern California in 1923-24-25-26 and in 1924 was A.A.U. National Champion.

He founded the first weightlifting association in America in 1925 recognized by the A.A.U. as well as the first list of lifts, rules and regulations in connection with the American Continental Weightlifter’s Association.

For over 50 years he wrote hundreds of articles on weightlifting and bodybuilding in such famous publications as Iron Man, Physical Culture, Superman, Your Physique, Strength and Health, etc.

His magazine serial articles on strongmen including; Kings of Strength, Feats of Strength, and Strength Through the Ages, are considered to be the most complete coverage of the subject ever written!

Some of his many books include: Arm Development, Powerful Arms for You, Powerful Chest for You, The Kings of Arm Strength, The Complete Guide to Muscular Measurements, and The Super Athletes (which is probably the foremost work ever written on athletic performance).

As a lifting champion, writer, historian, anthropologist, gym owner, Willoughby’s contributions to bodybuilding and weightlifting are enormous!

A Brief Outline of the Ten Comprehensive Books:

1. Preliminary Program: Conditioning Exercises

Morning Exercises
For giving internal massage to the abdominal organs, thus promoting healthful action of the intestines and overcoming constipation; for energizing the spinal cord and nervous system; and for developing the muscles of the lower abdomen and groins.

Evening Exercises
Preliminary program of exercises for organic conditioning and for general muscular development: for the neck, chest, arms, sides, abdomen, loins and thighs.

The importance of deep breathing. How to breathe while exercising.

The skin, its function; how to keep it in proper condition. The tonic bath and its benefits.

Some General Rules for Exercising

2. Nutrition in Relation to Physical Development

The Interdependence of Exercise and Nutrition
The classification and uses of foods. The best sources of the various food elements and the comparative nutritional value of important foods. (A complete discussion of staple articles of diet). General dietetic rules. Food supplements. The basis for an adequate diet (foods which everyone should eat).

How to Gain Weight. How to Reduce Weight
Full information on these subjects, with sample dietaries.

The importance of adequate rest. Helpful rules for bringing about restful sleep.

3. A Classical Torso – How You Can Obtain One

Waistline Strength – Key to Physical Fitness
The purpose of the waist muscles.; the emphasis given them by the ancient Greeks.

Abdominal Exercises
Numerous valuable exercises for the abdominal and groin muscles, together with complete directions for their application as progress in strength is made.

Oblique Exercises
Powerfully effective exercises for the important, though usually neglected, muscles of the sides of the waist.

Abdominal Exercises in Relation to Hernia or Rupture
Authoritative information on treatment by exercise.

The problem of constipation, its cause and cure.

4. Sturdy and Shapely Legs – How to Secure Them

The Relationship of Leg Development to Vitality, Strength and Appearance

Thigh, Hip and Buttock Exercises

Anatomical divisions of the legs; the functions of each muscle group. The best exercises for strengthening the heart and lungs. A new and simple means for exercising the thigh and buttock muscles that develops maximum size and power in these parts, producing wonderful thighs and trim, firmly-knit knees. How to develop the hip muscles. How to obtain a full, rounded development of the under thigh muscles.

Calf Exercises
An informative discussion of why, in many persons, the calves are difficult to develop; together with constructive advice. Developing exercises for the calf muscles that really produce results. Exercises for the shin muscles.

A Review of the Previous Lessons and Prescription of Exercises to be Applied at Your Present Stage of Training

5. Developing a Strong and Well-Shaped Neck; Powerful Loins

The Neck – A Barometer of One’s Vitality
The ideal proportionate size of the neck. Interesting and effective exercises for the neck. Various means for developing to perfection each and every part of the neck.

The Loins – The Foundation of A Man’s Bodily Strength
The prime importance of strong loins to great strength. The anatomy and functions of the spinal muscles. A series of unsurpassed exercises for lower back development, together with numerous special and supplementary exercises and tests.

6. How to Broaden Your Shoulders and Back. Building a Fine Chest

The Importance of Shoulder Strength
The deltoid muscles, their functions; the best exercises for them. Special exercises for filling out all portions of the shoulders, the hollows over the collarbones, and the upper back; and for increasing the bony breadth of the shoulders.

Advanced Exercises for Shoulder Development
Complete instructions for developing the limit of size and power in the deltoid and upper back muscles.

Acquiring a Full, Deep, High-Arched Chest
How to obtain a vaulted conformation of the chest itself. Developing the muscles of the breast, the broad of the back, the armpits, the sides and lower front of the chest, and between the ribs. (Exercises that materially increase the girth of the chest and greatly improve the shape of the back). Special exercises for developing, and feats for testing, the muscles of the chest and back.

7. Developing A Wrist of Steel, A Vise-Like Grip, A Powerful Pair of Arms

The Muscular Anatomy of the Arm

Upper-body vs. lower-body development.

Upper Arm Exercises
The best exercises for developing the biceps, triceps, and other upper arm muscles.

Forearm, Hand and Finger Exercises
A wide variety of the most interesting exercises and tests for these parts.

Miscellaneous Exercises and Tests for the Fingers and Grip
A summary of popular tests and specialties of famous “strong men”.

Exercises Adopted form This Lesson, and A Review of Exercises Previously Recommended for Regular Use

8. Stretching or Limbering Exercises; Corrective Exercises

Exercises for Suppleness and Flexibility
For the hips, thighs, calves, ankles, back, shoulders and chest. Self-applied movements for adjusting the spine.

Corrective Exercises, First Series
For promoting correct posture and for remedying local structural defects. Special exercises for correcting round shoulders, lateral spinal curvature, hollow back, and for increasing the height.

Corrective Exercises, Second Series
For correcting deformities of the feet – flatfoot and fallen metatarsal arches. For correcting structural defects of the legs – knock-knee and bowleg.

Summary of Exercise Rules and Posture Habits
A review of the pupil’s training to date.

9. An Analysis of Your Physique: What It Is Now and What It Should Be

Physical fitness largely reflected in the size, shape and appearance of the body. The factors which determine one’s ideal weight and measurements.

Measurement Record of Student, with Prescription of Ideal Measurements According to the Author’s Standard
Tabular presentation of correct measurements and classification as to Body-Build, applying to the individual student.

How to Measure the Human Body

The Ideal Size, Shape, Development and Proportions of Various Parts of the Body
A complete and highly informative discussion, presenting new and accurate rules and methods for determining the ideal measurements and proportions of the Neck, Shoulders, Arms, Forearms, Wrists, Chest, Waist, Hips, Thighs, Knees, Calves and Ankles. – A veritable mine of information for all interested in physical perfection.

10. Advanced Training for Physical Perfection. Anatomy in Relation to Exercise and Muscular Development

Facts concerning the structure of the body and the extent to which it may be developed and improved by proper exercise.

The Skeleton
Its relationship to the muscles. How the bones may be made thicker.

The Joints
Their construction and purpose. The function of the Ligaments.

The Tendons
Their classification. The difference between Tendons and Ligaments.

The Muscles
Interesting facts and figures, presented to physical culturists for the first time, relating to the structure, functions, strength and response to exercise of the muscles, tendons and bones.

Explanation of the Names of the Muscles and of the Various Movements of the Body, Index to the Action of Muscles, Charts Illustrating the Location of the Principal Muscles and Enumerating the Exercises Which Develop Each. Suggestions, with Sample Exercise Programs, for Enabling the Pupil to Plan His Future Training.

Beautifully Prepared. Profusely Illustrated. Authoritative. a Veritable Encyclopedia of Exercises. Incorporating New and Original Principles that Produce Maximum Results!


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“Bill, I have been reading your articles in Iron Man (Peary Rader) since about 1974. I have many of your courses including The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding. Old time training worked. Thanks for offering all of the books you do, this information is vital to ‘Physical Culture’, not the freaked out drug bodies of today. Sincerely,”
Buddy Dreimann
– 1994 NABBA Mr USA

“Your and Mr. Willoughby’s, Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding Course is terrific! I’ve been referring to it since I received it in June of 2008. Results have been terrific, considering I only have four hundred pounds to work with. Definitely well worth the money I paid for it!”
Felix E.,
Greensburg, Pennsylvania

“I ordered your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding and was surprised to find excellent exercises that I’ve never seen before. It is a thousand times better than the uninformed junk you find on the bookshelves!”
Houston, Texas

“Sometime ago I bought The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding and I find it to be the best.”
W. Palm Beach, Florida

“I’d like to make a case for your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding system. It is a real gem–loaded with great info, well illustrated, easy to understand, and comprehensive. Don’t sell yourself short.”
Dan S.,
Niskayuna, New York

“I have learned more to incorporate into my routine from your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding (and I am no beginner) than I could learn from any magazine on the market.”
Tulsa, Oklahoma

“I was very pleased with your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding! I found it very interesting, practical, and, of course, thorough! I’m using some of the exercises for flexibility with my pupils in the gym. I think that course is a must in every collection.”
Kristianstad, Sweden

“Your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding is very fine, particularly the section dealing with the waist line is excellent. No other physical culture course deals with the waist line so much and in such detail.”
Bangalore, India

“I have just received The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding and I must say I am greatly impressed.”
London, England

The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding was both very comprehensive and detailed. Great practical training information not found elsewhere.”
Richard M.
Jamaica, New York

“Thanks for the quick delivery of The Master Method of Strength, Health and Bodybuilding which is packed with great ideas for training and health.”
Duncan G.
East Sussex, England

“What about The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding? Well, the principal thing I learnt was this: ‘Sow an act and you reap a habit; sow a habit and you reap a character; sow a character and you reap a destiny’. Only for this, The Master Method…‘ is invaluable for me. Thanks!”

“I keep ‘re-visiting’ The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding, a never-old course.”
Miguel J.
Madrid, Spain

“I have found your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding courses very helpful, especially the lesson on nutrition.”
B. J. H. Jr.
Augusta, Georgia

The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding that I ordered from you has been very useful in developing programs for times when I am away from home and lack access to equipment. A good number of the exercises were similar to types we used in gymnastics, but your methods in performing them to increase the difficulty are a boon. Additionally, your series of leg exercises using bodyweight are quite effective. Thank you for the great training info!”

“I am enjoying The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding more and more with time. It is truly well-balanced and effective.”
John C.
San Anselmo, California

The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding purchased last year is the best, concise program I’ve ever seen!”
George B.
Harrison Twp, Michigan

“I enjoyed the 10 lesson course, The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding! I found very useful information enclosed.”
Thomas R.
Cedar Knolls, New Jersey

“Your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding course is great. It shows excellent and effective exercises which were unknown to me, but add variety (for example the handstand push-up, walking for the legs, leverage exercises with a chair…). Simple exercises, but great ones.”
Daniel I.
Rotkrueuz, Switzerland

“You may recall that last year I ordered a copy of The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding. I have found it to be an excellent course, and have made good progress with it, especially with regard to my triceps development.”
Brett C.
Auckland, New Zealand

“Hi Bill, I wanted to compliment you on The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding. I wish I had known many of these exercises years ago. Especially the exercises for the trunk as they would have prevented many of the injuries I battled. It smacks of the good “old school” wisdom that is the core of sensible training. Thanks for writing it and also holding a copy for me.”
David F.
Canal Winchester, Ohio

“I received The Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding, and they are well-written–great source of information.”
T. S.
Tempe, Arizona

“Bill your Master Method of Health, Strength and Bodybuilding is really great, I am able to perform a one legged squat at 48 years of age!”
John C.
Middletown, New York

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