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Treat Your Own Rotator Cuff by Jim Johnson

Learn prevention and treatment techniques for rotator cuff injuries based on years of experience by a certified physical therapist. A step-by-step program that takes just minutes a week to complete while monitoring your progress. Read More!
The Science of Dumbbell Training by Reg Park

Reg Park discusses the importance of dumbbell training for stength and power and reveals his TWO Famous 8 Week, Dumbbell Training Schedules utilizing 16 different illustrated exercises. He explains where to start if you are a beginner, intermediate, or advanced in your training. Read More!
Iron Man Barbell and Dumbbell Courses by Peary Rader

These are the same courses that were shipped with Iron Man Barbells and Dumbbells for over 30 years. They contain all the information needed to build an outstanding physique and great strength. Pupils rate them among the very best after trying all the other exercises and routines. Read More!