The Classic Grip Course Collection

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Sipes 1-2Whether or not you know it, you use your hands constantly, everyday in hundreds of different ways.

The strength of your hands and fingers depend upon the muscular development of your forearm muscles.

If you have a weak grip due to poor forearm development, your lifting powers are sadly diminished.

If that is the case, you, my friend, need to build up that weak link in your Chain of Strength.

A strong grip means better control in everything you do.

The Value of a Strong Grip in the Working World

Ask anyone in the working world just how much they depend upon the strength of their hands to complete their everyday tasks.

Imagine, for a moment, the professional mover lifting and carrying heavy appliances, furniture, boxes, etc., up and down stairways.

Or how about those in the building trades such as brick layers, carpenters, electricians, fence builders, ironworkers, laborers, pipe fitters, plumbers, riggers, roofers, etc., using their hands all day long in their specialized skill.

Just picking up and moving heavy building materials from one place to another takes its toll.

Those in the service industries such as blacksmiths, farriers, fire and rescue, longshoremen, lumberjacks, machinists, mechanics, policemen, road workers, tree trimmers, etc.

Even the chef, computer user, musician, seamstress or tailor, etc. Make no mistake; these jobs require strong, nimble fingers.

And let’s not forget the farmer or ranch hand. Just take a good look at the calluses on their hands!

All of these jobs, without exception, require strong hands from time to time.

A Powerful Grip is a Must in Athletics

Most sports require the use of your hands.

Every athlete needs strong hands.

Football players are constantly pulling, tugging and grabbing.

The grappling wrestler knows that in many cases the holds that he puts on his opponent depend on the vise like strength of his grip.

The martial artist needs hands that can be turned into dangerous weapons at a moments notice.

Weightlifting, rock climbing, baseball, arm wrestling, hand-balancing, etc., etc., all require strong well developed hands and forearms.

Even the weekend golfer needs strong and steady hands for driving and putting.

Get-A-Grip on Everyday Life

Believe it or not, even every day chores around the home require strong hands.

Ever been asked to twist the lid off of a ketchup bottle or a fruit jar?

Of course you have.

Therefore, if you participate in any of the aforementioned activities, it’s rather obvious, you need strong hands.

So, don’t hesitate, check out the grip developing courses listed below and turn your hands into powerful, useful tools that will allow you to handle any situation.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

Click on any of the following courses to read more about grip training!


Aston 1-2
How to Develop a
Powerful Grip
by Edward Aston
Brown 1-2
Iron Claws
by Michael H. Brown
Inch 1-2
Developing a Powerful
Grip and Forearm
by Thomas Inch
Jowett 3-2
Molding a Mighty Grip
by George F. Jowett


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