INCH Your Way to a World Class Grip With…

Developing the Grip and Forearm

by Thomas Inch

Master of the “Unliftable” Inch Challenge Dumbbell


Inch 1-2

To promote healthy competition, and a name for himself, for over 50 years, Thomas Inch would offer £200 to anyone in the world who could lift his famous “unliftable” Challenge Dumbbell.

Many a strength athlete tried but failed.

And that £200…well, it was never claimed.

After a time, and numerous requests, Inch decided to put down in writing the methods by which he felt one could best develop his grip strength to the maximum.

So here it is, once again made available to the potential “grip masters” of the strength world.

If the lifting of heavy weights is your goal, don’t let an inadequate grip stand in your way!

This book will strengthen the weak link between you and record poundages!

This book is a complete grip course covering:

1. A biography of the world famous music hall strongman, Thomas Inch.

2. A discussion of the role of the grip in athletics.

3. General hints on the correct use of dumbbells in your grip training.

4. The complete course in grip training as used by Thomas Inch to develop his legendary grip strength.

5. An interesting feat of strength with a thick handled dumbbell.

6. The saga of the storied “Thomas Inch Challenge Dumbbell”.

7. A listing of 32 famous modern day grip masters and a description of their feats of grip strength.

8. A listing of 45 popular feats of grip and forearm strength.

9. and much, much more!

Here’s What People Are Saying About
“Developing the Grip and Forearm”
by Thomas Inch

“AFter doing a little research, it has become clear to me, that Thomas Inch may very well have been the strongest man in the world with certain lifts, especially those of grip.”
Ian G.
West Sussex, Great Britain

“My grip has improved drastically after reading your books, especially the one by Thomas Inch.”
John P.
Cleveland, Ohio

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A 8 1/2 x 11 softcover book with 15 pages!

Developing the Grip and Forearm

by Thomas Inch

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