“He Could Lift an Elephant…”

Goerner the Mighty

by Edgar Mueller

A Genuine Circus Strongman

Mueller 1 - 2If Webster’s dictionary had a picture next to “circus strongman”, it would be that of great Hermann Goerner. Round face, leopard skin, Roman sandals and large hands. Believe me, he looked the part!
Goerner traveled the world over doing strong man acts alone, with his wife, with other strongmen and in circuses.

A Giant of a Man

Hermann Goerner was a giant of a man, weighing at times as much as 290 lb. at 6 feet tall. He had a powerful 54″ expanded chest, 19″ flexed biceps and whopping 15.8″ forearm!

The Authentic Story of the Greatest Strongman

Here’s the full and authentic story of the man who many authorities consider the greatest strongman of all time.

His Personal Training Information

Written by his long time friend, Edgar Mueller, who knew the intimate secrets and incidents of Hermann’s life as he traveled the world over with a circus. He relates how he developed his prodigious strength, giving exercises and programs as well as other inside training secrets that created this giant of power. You too can apply these methods for developing great power.

This outstanding biography tells of Goerner’s truly unbelievable lifts such as:

  • Carrying over 1,000 lb. across one shoulder.
  • A one arm snatch of 229 ½ pounds.
  • A two hands anyhow of 430 pounds.
  • A deadlift of 830 pounds.
  • A two hands curl of 242 pounds.
  • A deep knee bend of 474 pounds (held in front!).
  • A jerk behind the neck of 411 pounds.
  • An abdominal raise of nearly 200 pounds.
  • and hundreds of other equally amazing feats of strength!

Here’s what George F. Jowett had to say about Hermann Goerner:

“Comparing Goerner with other old time and present strong men, such as Steinbach, Swoboda, Rigoulot, etc., I am amazed most by his wonderful lift of 793¾ lb. That is an enormous weight to lift off the ground and stand erect. If all the greatest strong men of the world could be brought together, there is no doubt that Hermann Goerner would wear the proud title – World’s Strongest Man!”

Here is unparalleled entertainment and inspiration as well as valuable instruction in the training methods and strength feats of a “gen-u-wine”, real, oldtime circus strongman!

Here Are a Few Testimonials for
This Marvelous Strongman Biography:

“The book, ‘Goerner the Mighty’, was excellent! I really enjoyed it. I think that anybody who is interested in strength should have a copy of it.”
Ken H.
Lexington, Kentucky

“I really enjoyed the book, ‘Goerner the Mighty’, that I bought from you.”
Thom V.
Green Top, Missouri

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

P.S. A beautiful 5 x 7 book with 136 pages including 32 photos and illustrations.

Goerner the Mighty

by Edgar Mueller

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