Beginners: What Do I Really Need to Get Started?

Most things in life have a beginning and an end. Some of us have a tough time getting started and when we really are enjoying ourselves, we dread the thought of it ending. Even the best laid plans some how get set aside in favor of things that somehow seem more important at the moment. With regard to your training, the most important thing is ambition. The second most important thing is called time management. Setting aside a few hours a week doesn’t sound like such a big deal until you are some how forced to do it. I suggest one hour every other day, three days per week. With the ambition and the time, now comes the third thing, something called a plan. Select a training routine that focuses on all the basic compound movements. The fourth important thing that you will need… A set of adjustable plate loading barbells and dumbbells. Nothing else is needed.

What could be simpler.

Sorry, you just ran out of excuses. So, get going or you’ll run out of time.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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