Iron Man Barbell and Dumbbell Courses

For Beginners and Advanced Bodybuilders

by Peary Rader

Founder and Publisher of the Original “Iron Man Magazine”


Rader BB 1-2

These are the same Iron Man Barbell and Dumbbell Courses that were shipped with Iron Man Barbells for over 30 years.

They contain all the information necessary to build an outstanding physique and great strength.

Peary Rader often referred to the training methods and exercises found in these courses in his “Iron Man Magazine.” Over the years, pupils rated them among the very best training courses after trying all the others.

Exercises and training routines are laid out for both beginners and advanced trainees.

Rader DB 1-2

The most effective exercises are given for building the most muscle in the shortest possible time.

There is no confusion with dozens of inferior exercises; these courses give only the best!

In addition, each exercise is explained fully with plenty of photos to illustrate the correct positions for proper performance and fast results.

Training programs and nutrition information is supplied for gaining or reducing body weight.

Discussions regarding sleep, recuperation, training frequency, sets, repetitions, various kinds of specialized training, are all included in clear, condensed form.

A complete course on Olympic lifting is also included.

If you have never trained with barbells and dumbbells before or if you have and are not getting the results that you think you should…

These training courses will get you started the CORRECT WAY or show you where you may have been making mistakes.

Here are a few of the things you can expect to learn:

An introduction to barbell training.

What to do before starting your weight training program.

Remember that you can’t get something for nothing.

Hard work is absolutely necessary.

What to do if you do not gain weight.

Dieting for gaining weight.

3 sample weight gaining diets.

Rest and sleep for the weight gainer.

What to do if you do not lose weight.

3 sample weight reducing diets.

Frequency of workouts.

The repetition and set system.

Advanced training methods.

Alternating set program, The Compound System.

The Forcing System.

The Cheating Method.

The Split Workout Program.

The Hourly Workout Program.

How to do The Rader Chest Pull.

16 different barbell exercises for all the muscles of the body.

8 different advanced barbell specialization programs.

21 different dumbbell exercises.

3 different dumbbell programs.

Bodybuilding routines for beginners and advanced trainees.

Special weight gaining and weight reducing programs.

Specialization routines for the arms, chest, legs and back, calves.

Abbreviated programs for those with little time.

Training for the 3 Olympic Lifts: The two arm press, the two arm clean and press, the two arm snatch, and the two arm clean and jerk.

How to make weight training a lifetime habit.

And much, much more!

What People Have to Say About the
“Iron Man Barbell and Dumbbell Courses”
by Peary Rader

“I thought I would write and tell you about the great results that I’m getting from the Peary Rader Courses. I’ve been using some of the information and routines over the last two months and the benefits are awesome! I’ve gained 15 lbs. of solid muscle and lost an inch on my waist! I can’t wait until after six months! Thanks again, and keep up the good work.”
George B.
Cathedral City, California

“Hey Bill, Just got the Peary Rader books yesterday! Love these books. It’s a terrible shame the bodybuilding magazines today don’t contain the same kind of no nonsense, gym proven practical training advice. Thanks for making these great books available.”
Drew B.
Altamonte Springs, Florida

All that is required is a set of adjustable plate loading barbells, dumbbells, a flat bench and you’re ready to start getting BIGGER and STRONGER!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

Both 6″ x 9″ softcover books are fully illustrated and contain a total of 46 pages with over 75 photographs and illustrations!


Iron Man Barbell and Dumbbell Courses

by Peary Rader

$ 19.95 + S&H

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