Muscle Control


Body Development by Will-Power

by Maxick


Maxick 1-2Originally published in 1910, this truly remarkable course has run through countless editions.

This course describes in detail how, by use of mental concentration, you can develop and gain individual control of every muscle in the body.

It’s easy, fascinating, and once learned never forgotten.

The author, by adding muscle control to weight training, developed both the finest physique and such strength that he was, pound for pound, the strongest man in the world!

His measurements were: chest 40 ¾” (normal), 45″ (expanded), biceps 15 ½”, forearm 13″ and thigh 23″, at a height of just 5’4 ½” and a weight of only 145 lbs.!

As you can see, even though he was small in statue, he set some of the most astonishing lifting records the world has ever seen. (He was third in the world to elevate over double bodyweight when he did 322 1/2 lbs. at a bodyweight of only 145 lbs!)

Here is what Maxick, himself, had to say about the importance of muscle control:

“I do not, and never have, claimed that by muscle-control alone, unaided by mechanical exercises, each muscle may be brought to its highest state of development; but I do claim that mechanical exercise, either with or without apparatus, will never produce the limit of strength and development of which the individual is capable unless combined with muscle-control.”

Here are some of the things you can expect to
learn from Maxick:

  • Read about Maxick’s early bedridden years and how, through determination, he overcame his weakness.
  • Learn the amazing discovery that, in a year’s time, made Maxick stronger than all his friends in school.
  • Discover the author’s secret method of concentration that he used along with rational exercise.
  • The inside secrets of why mechanical exercise alone may hinder muscular development.
  • Understand how Maxick overcame sticking points in his training by using a revolutionary approach to exercise.
  • Why a thorough understanding of what is meant by muscle control is crucial in getting the most out of your physical training.
  • An explanation of the causes of muscle-binding and how to avoid them.
  • The passive condition of relaxation and how it is overlooked in most training programs.
  • The remarkable story of how Maxick won three different weightlifting championships at three different weight classes!
  • Maxick’s secret method of relaxation and contraction in getting your muscles under control.
  • How the physical benefits of muscle control will carry over into your mental powers of increased concentration.
  • There are 4 special exercises for isolating the back muscles.
  • Another 9 special exercises for isolating the shoulder muscles.
  • An additional 5 special exercise for isolating the chest muscles./
  • 2 more special exercises for isolating the arm muscles.
  • An extra 3 special exercises for isolating the thigh and calf muscles.
  • And 2 special exercises for isolating the abdominal muscles.
  • By learning to depress the abdominal wall you will be able to “roll” the abdominal.
  • After learning how to isolate the abdominal muscles you will be able to perform a “Double Perpendicular Isolation”, a “Central Single Perpendicular Isolation”, and a “One-Sided Perpendicular Isolation”.
  • A fully illustrated front and back anatomy chart showing all the voluntary muscles of the body along with their names.
  • And much, much more!

What Others Say About
“Muscle Control” by Maxick

“You did a beautiful job on the ‘Maxick Muscle Control’ book—the cover and pages are of excellent quality paper. The content remains fascinating 100 years after the books initial publication.”
Thomas K.
New York, New York

‘Muscle Control’ by Maxick is a much treasured possession. It is fantastic and has helped me in my training more than any other single course. The information in these old works is so superior to what passes for information today.”
Devonshire, Bermuda

‘Muscle Control’ by Maxick is excellent! Well worth waiting for! Striking thing re these old-timers, in addition to the quest for physical perfection, they were high-level men!”
Cottage Grove, MN

“I can honestly say that these books you have produced cannot be faulted and if Maxick came back to earth and saw your reproduction of his book he would heartily approve.”
Dumfries and Galloway, United Kingdom

Not a general discussion of the subject but a complete detailed course. You’re sure to enjoy it. Lots of valuable information at a low price. Remember its name.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

This is a 6 x 9 softcover book with 4 chapters and 110 pages. Over 50 beautiful photos of Maxick demonstrate the exact positions which enable you to voluntarily contract and relax each muscle. Fabulous in content!

Muscle Control

by Maxick

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