The Text Book of Weight-Lifting

by Arthur Saxon

“The Iron Master!”


Saxon 1-2Back in print! For now at least the best book on the training methods of the old-time strongmen that I’ve seen.

Opening this book of 1910 gives you the feeling you’ve opened the training manual of strongmen of yore.

It’s filled with rare never before published photos of the great Arthur Saxon, world famous professional strongman and circus performer billed as, The Strongest Man on Earth!

(He personally posed for each and every lift! This alone is worth the price of the book!)

It’s just the right mix of rare nostalgic photos and practical training information.

What were his training methods?

Rare information?

One of the very few books describing in detail the training methods of the old-time strongmen of the day, before vitamins, steroids or plastic surgery!

Table of Contents

Chapter I – Why Weight-lifting should be regarded as the first of all sports, and also as the best form of Physical Exercise

Chapter II – Clean Lifting

Chapter III – The Bent Press

Chapter IV – The Continental Lifts

Chapter V – Ring, Ball, and Square Weight-lifting

Chapter VI – Weight-lifting Exercises and Exercises with Weights

Chapter VII – Exhibition and Trick Weight-lifting Feats

Testimonials for
“The Text Book of Weight-Lifting”
by Arthur Saxon

“I was very pleased with the Saxon book it is very interesting. I hope you have allot of success with the Saxon book.”
R.S., London, England

“I certainly did enjoy your The Text Book of Weight-Lifting by Arthur Saxon.”
Robert F., Jericho, New York

“The large format photographs are superb quality and really hammer in an insight of the past, olden day strongman. This is the finest reproduction of such an old and rare book I reckon I’ve ever seen and the drawings of Saxon are terrific!”
Mike T., London, England

The Text Book of Weight-Lifting by Saxon is a real gem. It is wonderful how almost 100 years later, people of the Iron Game can share in the wealth of knowledge of one of the Old Masters like Saxon. Hats off to you on this one!”
Lou T., Howell, New Jersey

“As I previously mentioned, The Text Book of Weight-Lifting by Arthur Saxonwas worth every cent I paid and then some! I’m sure this book will be of value.”
Glenn C., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“The Arthur Saxon book is one of, or is, the best of all my ‘muscle books’. Thanks for the great work!”
Stephen D., Mount Hermon, California

This IS a Classic Book, especially for someone who loves to read about real old-time strongmen and HOW they trained.

A great gift idea!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

Highly recommended, you’ll really like this beautiful 5″ x 7″ softcover book with 85 pages, 7 chapters, 30 photos and beautiful artwork and a glossy two-color cover. Order a copy today!

The Text Book of Weight-Lifting

by Arthur Saxon

$ 14.95 + S&H

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The Text Book of Weight-Lifting
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