The Classic Bent Press Collection

“The King of Lifts”

A favorite lift of a bygone era, the Bent Press was used by old time strongmen to impress their audience because it is performed very slowly, with one hand, while holding a ponderous weight.

Although, “technically,” NOT a press, by strict definition, the Bent Press was often referred to as the “Screw Press.”

It is often confused with the “Side Press.”

The legendary Arthur Saxon holds the World Record for performing the Bent Press with over 370 lbs in official and unofficial conditions.

Here is a List of Famous Bent Pressers

Harold Ansorge, Edward Aston, Paul Baillargeon, Al Beinart, Carl Busch, Louis Cyr, Bert Elliott, John C. Grimek, Bob Harley, Bob Hoffman, Elwood Holbrook, Thomas Inch, Siegmund Klein, Charles MacMahon, Anton Matysek, Gregory Paradise, William Pullum, Eugen Sandow, Arthur Saxon, John Y. Smith, Roy L. Smith, Dave Whitley, etc.

The Benefits of the Bent Press and How it Can Help You With Your Training:

Provides the lifter the ability to lift more weight with one hand, than with two hands.

Strengthens the shoulder muscles.

Stabilizes the shoulder muscles.

Provides shoulder mobility.

Provides shoulder flexibility.

Works the latissimus dorsi muscles.

Works the stabilizer muscles of the entire body.

Improves core strength dramatically.

Gives the thoracic spine mobility, which helps keep the shoulders and the lumbar spine working properly, and pain-free.

Improves the posture.

Helps prevent injury.

Helps prevent Kyphosis (rounding of the back).

Improves breathing

Provides total body stability.

Provides a distinct carry over in strength to increase poundages in other pressing movements done with one, or both hands.

That being said, it is important to learn to perform this exercise with both the right and left hand.

From a performer standpoint of view, since the Bent Press is done very slowly, this lift is sure to impress your audience.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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How to Bent Press Correctly
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How to Bent Press
by Siegmund Klein
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Taming the Bent Press
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