Arthur Saxon

“The Iron Master!”

Ringling Brother’s “Strongest Man in the World!”

Saxon 17-2At 14 years of age, Arthur Hennig and a few friends started an athletic club in the family potato cellar.

He fashioned their weights out of stone and they trained twice a week.

Soon they were putting on shows and challenging other boys at either weight lifting or wrestling.

Little did they know that this was the beginning of the most famous strong man act of all time…

The Saxon Trio

Arthur Saxon along with his brothers Hermann and Kurt comprised one of the most famous strong man acts of all time.

Their death defying acts were legendary while traveling with the Ringling Brother’s Circus as The Saxon Trio.

The Strongest Man on Earth

Ringling Brother’s Circus hired them and brought them to America as their athletic feature.

The Saxon Trio was billed as The Great German Giants of Strength.

Arthur Saxon was billed as The Strongest Man on Earth.

One of their most famous feats of strength and daring was supporting on their feet a bridge, a speeding automobile and six men, in all 8000 pounds!

Read What Famous British Strongman, William A. Pullum, Has to Say About The Saxon Trio:

“…they showed that neither size nor ‘cut’ of muscle is, or ever can be, the real determining factor in feats of physical strength. It is the quality of the substance that counts—and the force of the powers that drive it!”
W. A. Pullum
British Weight-Lifting Champion
“Wizard of the Weight-Lifting World!”

Arthur Saxon Challenges the World!

Arthur Saxon challenged anyone and everyone of the time to weightlifting contests.

He offered one hundred pounds sterling to anyone who could lift his barbell that was said to weigh 325 pounds.

One such strongman that took him up on the challenge was none other than Eugen Sandow.

The Only Man to Bent Press Over 370 lbs.!

Anytime there is a discussion regarding the strongest man of all time, Arthur Saxon is most certainly a strong contender.

After all, no one else has ever Bent Pressed 370 pounds!

In addition, his record for the Snatch was 195 pounds and he Military Pressed 252 pounds.

But his most famous lift of all, the one that catapulted him to gigantic proportions in the weightlifting world, was that of a Two Hands Anyhow of 448 pounds!

Just imagine, for a moment, Bent Pressing a 336 pound barbell with your right hand, and then pulling in and pressing to arm’s length overhead a 112 pound kettlebell!!!

Fortunately, the training methods used by himself and his brothers live on today!

Check out this valuable information in the form of two very rare books listed below that the Great Arthur Saxon wrote while at the peak of his career!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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