Diagnostic Bodybuilding

If you are not making progress, you are doing something wrong or there is something wrong with you.

43 Years of Research and 7 Years of Writing

by Michael H. Brown

This book will contradict almost everything you think you know about weight training.

As a matter of fact, one fellow told the author at a seminar, “Brown, you’ve just destroyed everything I thought I knew!”

That was 90 minutes into the seminar.

Ever train and not gain? Hit “sticking points” or plateaus?

Well, there’s got to be a reason.

But before you can correct a problem, you must know what it is.

The author spent 43 years researching and 7 years writing this book.

He explains the secret to overcoming sticking points known to only three men in the last hundred years!

One was the original owner of what later became the York Barbell Company.

The other two were known to be the “world’s strongest man,” one in the 1920s and the other in the 1930s.

One stood 6′ tall and weighed 260 with “six-pack” abs and a legitimate 19.5″ arm.

The other stood 5′ 8″ and weighed 230 with “cuts.”

And remember, these guys trained in the days before protein supplements or anabolic steroids!

Does the author’s method work?

Well, let’s just say, at 64 years of age, he can do 115 lb. dumbbell bench presses!

Table of Contents

Table of Illustrations
How This Book Came About

Chapter 1 – Supplementing Your Diet With Desiccated Liver

Chapter 2 – 40 years of Bad Road

Chapter 3 – Let the Diagnosis Begin

Chapter 4 – I’m Not Okay, You’re Not Okay

Chapter 5 – What, When and Why Not to Eat

Chapter 6 – What Not to Train

Chapter 7 – The Basics

Chapter 8 – Squats – The King of Barbell Exercises

Chapter 9 – The Bench Press

Chapter 10 – The Back

Chapter 11 – The Importance of Hamstrings

Chapter 12 – Arms and Shoulders

Chapter 13 – Grip and Forearm Development

Chapter 14 – The Abdominal Cavity

Chapter 15 – How Not to Diagnose

Chapter 16 – Massage

Chapter 17 – Dancing

Chapter 18 – Sleep

Chapter 19 – Spinal Alignment

Chapter 20 – Developing the Neck

Chapter 21 – Small Increments and Patience

Chapter 22 – Stretching

Chapter 23 – Removing Energy Blockages

Chapter 24 – Self-Hypnosis

Chapter 25 – Watch Who You Run With

Chapter 26 – Fats

Chapter 27 – Protein

Chapter 28 – Carbohydrates

Chapter 29 – Vitamins

Chapter 30 – Testosterone

Chapter 31 – Minerals

Chapter 32 – The Future Wave of Weight Training

Chapter 33 – Our Split Society


Here’s a summary of the contents of this book, not necessarily in the order in which it is presented (different people need to begin at different places in this book) in order for you to have an idea of what to do and where to start.

If you are not making progress, you are doing something wrong or there is something wrong with you.

Your problems with doing something wrong are normally caused by diet and/or exercise.

Diet begins with Leviticus 11 in the Bible, which tells you what notto eat. This book tells why.

Processed food is out. Natural food is in. This book tells why.

At the cellular level, your problems are usually nutritional.

At the structural (bones/muscles) level, your problems are usually created by off-balance bone structure alignment, quite often curable by chiropractic.

Want to know where to start? Your diet. It begins at Chapter 1.

What to do next? Diagnose your problems. That’s what this entire book is about.

Want a workout routine to get started on immediately? You can actually start with a single exercise, such as the clean and press, described in this book and make progress.

Want a complete workout routine to help you reach your goals? Pick out “no more” than 15 of the exercises described and illustrated in this book, use “moderate” weights, and do one set each, twice a week. Do NOT “train to failure” do NOT train on this routine more than two or three times a week, do NOT eat “six small meals a day,” do NOT train on silly machines, and do NOT wreck your health with steroids.

And much, much more!

The old-timers (before steroids) knew better. So will you when you read, study, and APPLY what is in this book. If you do, you WILL get results.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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Diagnostic Bodybuilding

by Michael H. Brown

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