Muscular Arms and Shoulders


by Harry B. Paschall

Paschall 3-2Another Bosco How-To-Do-It book originally published in 1953 and devoted to one subject:

How to get those huge muscular arms and shoulders that you have admired on the Stars.

Practical information that will make your arm training more productive and your shirt sleeves burst at the seams, you’ll like it!

Can YOU Develop 18 Inch ARMS

THE ANSWER is Yes, No or Maybe – depending upon you.

Harry Paschall wrote this book which frankly appraises your chances of getting into the 18 inch arm class.

This Book is a Complete Arm and Shoulder Specialization Course

Table of Contents


Chapter One – Arms…and the Man
Arm Types
The Anatomy of Arm and Shoulder

Chapter Two – A Discussion of Training Methods

Chapter Three – Exercises for the Arms and Shoulders

Chapter Four – How to Do It – A Programme for Action
Three Complete Arm and Shoulder Training Programmes

Illustrated with photographs of some of the most muscular arms the world has ever seen: Jack Dellinger,John Grimek, Roy Hilligenn, Ellwood Holbrook, Sam Loprinzi, Robert Nealey, etc.

This book is full of fine photographs of muscular arms owned by Dellinger,
Grimek, Hilligenn, and others, and it not only discusses the Big Arm business thoroughly, but tells you in simple words and pictures just HOW to go about getting such measurements for yourself.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A 5″ x 7″ softcover book with a beautiful glossy two color cover. It has 48 pages, 4 chapters, including 35 photographs and beautiful BOSCO illustrations!

Muscular Arms and Shoulders

by Harry B. Paschall

$ 11.95 + S&H

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