Super Squats

How to Gain 30 Pounds of Muscle in 6 Weeks!

by Randall J. Strossen


Strossen 1-2In 1968, working as a construction laborer during the hot summer months of summer vacation, the author began experimenting with weightlifting routines for gaining size and strength.

The author felt hampered with being small boned and never really had any luck in gaining up to this point.

The age old, time tested formula for gaining size and strength…

He researched old back issues of “Iron Man” Magazine. He unearthed training information and workout schedules used and advocated by such famous lifters as: Paul Anderson, Mark Berry, William Boone, John Davis, James E. Douglass, Roger Eells, Joseph Curtis Hise, John Grimek, Doug Hepburn, Andy Jackson, John McCallum, Peary Rader, Henry “Milo” Steinborn, Chester O. Teegarden, etc. He soon discovered that all the really successful lifters used training routines centered around the 20 rep squat.

Armed with this new found knowledge, Strossen went to work and, miraculously, put on 30 pounds of muscle in 6 weeks!

He phoned Peary Rader, then editor of “Iron Man” magazine and told him about his fantastic results.

Rader published the telephone conversation so that hardgainers everywhere could benefit from his successful methods.

Without Drugs, Without machines, Without long routines!

Over the next several years he broadened his knowledge with further research from magazine back issues such as: “Strength and Health”, “Muscular Development”, “The Strong Man”, “The Arena and Strength”, “Vim”, etc., along with correspondence with many of the notables of the strength world at the time.

He added more information and perfected his method of gaining muscle and size.

Table of Contents

A Note to Readers

Chapter 1 – Bulging with Basics: Introducing 20-Rep Squats

Chapter 2 – The Master Exercise in Perspective: A Brief History of Squats

Chapter 3 – Your Program
The Basic Exercises
General Points
Workout Schedules

Chapter 4 –The Other Factors: Diet, Rest, and Attitude

Chapter 5 –The Finer Points
Medium-Tech Options for Squatting
Goals: Bodyweight, Size, and Strength
Record Keeping
Getting Psyched


A bestseller month after month after month!

Fast forward to 1989…the result, the author published the best selling book on building muscular bulk and power for functional strength. Pack on slabs of functional muscle with this basic, no nonsense training information. Based on the time tested 20-rep squat, these short and intense workouts will give you fast results without drugs, machines or expensive food supplements. But BEWARE, the concepts revealed in this book require relentless dedication and strict discipline. The simple but effective routines are brutally tough but the payoff is nothing short of dramatic!

Get ready for a profound physical transformation! Expect to grow quickly! The methods detailed in this book shock the system into overdrive and push your physical capabilities to their limits. Increases in muscular body mass and decreases in body fat will be the norm. You will burst out of your shirts and pants. After 6 months of this type of training, you’ll be built like a proverbial brick smoke house!

Testimonials taken from the back cover of “Super Squats”:

‘SUPER SQUATS’ is, quite simply, the best book ever written in the field of muscle building…It’s absolutely perfect.”
John McCallum
author of “Keys to Progress”, the popular monthly series, that ran in “Strength and Health” magazine in the late 1960’s.

“If you are looking for unbelievably fast gains in muscle size and strength, ‘Super Squats’ is your book. It’s also your book if you are interested in some colorful Iron Game history, or need sound advice on anything from how to equip a home gym to how to psyche up for heavy lifts…”
“Muscle Mag International” magazine

“…a marvelous piece of work”
Chester O. Teegarden
former Associate Editor of “Iron Man” Magazine

‘SUPER SQUATS’ is a well-written, extremely interesting and informative book …impeccably documented…The time is certainly ripe for a revival of the philosophy which the author preaches.”
Bill Starr
author of “The Strongest Shall Survive”

“The formula for massive gains is so simple that most people can hardly accept it. ‘Super Squats’ by Randall Strossen will convince you.”
Mike Lambert
“Powerlifting USA” magazine

“…a jewel…‘Super Squats’ by Randall Strossen simply must be in your library.”
Joe Roark

“I can confirm the efficacy of this technique…It’s a practical remedy to the usual ‘bomb and blast’ nonsense promoted by some people. I can’t think of a better way for a novice bodybuilder to begin training than by using the methods detailed in ‘Super Squats’ by Randall Strossen.”
Jerry Brainum

“…is magnificent!…I wholeheartedly recommend you to get ‘Super Squats’ by Randall Strossen.”
Stuart McRobert
“The Hardgainer” magazine

“I think that ‘SUPER SQUATS’ by Randall Strossen is pretty close to the Holy Grail for getting BIG and STRONG. Thanks again for the great products and great customer service.”
Anthony C.
Pahrump, Nevada

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A 6″ x 9″, softcover book with 112 pages. A classic!

So, don’t delay, order your copy and start growing in size and strength today!

Super Squats

by Randall J. Strossen

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