Paul Anderson

“The Dixie Derrick!”

The Strongest Man In Recorded History!

Anderson 12-2I had heard of Paul Anderson in the late 1960s and sent for my first copies of his weightlifting courses shortly thereafter. There was no doubt, his training methods worked. I discovered this after picking up various tips and adding them to my training regimen. In fact, I was so impressed with his type of training information, that I decided to add his publications to my mailorder catalog of that time.

It was during this time that Paul was busy giving over 500 speeches a year to raise money for his youth home for boys. In the fall of 1975, I got a telephone call from Paul Anderson asking if I would be interested in meeting him since he was doing a speaking engagement in nearby Detroit. Seems he had a habit of keeping a diary of names, addresses and telephone numbers of friends and business associates that he came in contact with over the years. Then, during his travels, he would give them a call and tell them he was in town.

I told Paul that I would love to meet him, hear his speech and see his strongman act! When I arrived at the auditorium, I saw him speaking with a group of people next to a stage. After introducing myself and briefly speaking with him, he excused himself and said that he was due to go on.

At that moment, I personally witnessed Paul Anderson turn and do a standing vertical leap on to the stage!

By the way, that stage stood three feet off the floor!

In the Beginning

Paul grew up in the rural confines of Georgia, geographically isolated from mainstream thinking. He was forced to develop his own philosophy on developing strength. He first became interested in weightlifting while attending Furman College in Greenville, South Carolina on a football scholarship. There, he discovered a classmate working out with weights. The rest is history.

During his training sessions, Paul relied on power movements such as squats, bench presses, deadlifts, and partial movements to develop his huge size and super-human strength. His favorite exercise was the deep knee bend. From this specialized training, he developed quadriceps tendons three times the size of a normal man! His explosive release of superhuman brute force coupled with lightning speed simply overwhelmed huge poundages.

He was well known from Melbourne to Moscow!

In a United States vs. Soviet Union contest in 1955, Paul destroyed the previous world record of 360 pounds by pressing 402½ pounds and jerking 425½ pounds! From then on the Russians idolized Paul Anderson and dubbed him “the strongest man who ever lived” and “the wonder of nature.” And, keep in mind, this was during the cold war of the 1950s!

After he had won the Olympic gold in Melbourne, Australia in 1956, his fame spread like wild fire.

Shortly thereafter, he became known as “The Dixie Derrick”!

What Some of the Greatest Lifters in History
Have to Say About Paul Anderson:

“I could do 310 in a standing one arm side press with a dumbbell, Paul could do it for reps with ease.”
Chuck Ahrens
Famous Muscle Beach strong man of the 1950s

“Though I never met him personally until the Strength Symposium in Florida, I saw films of him lifting in his heyday, with such absolute ease it was astonishing. Using his strength to benefit others is something that should make all powerlifters proud. What a great benefactor to mankind.”
Ed Coan
World famous powerlifting record breaker

“My love and respect for Paul runs deep. His ability to lift enormous weights in limited movements surpasses all. Those who attempt to discredit him shame our sport.”
Jon Cole
Named “The Number One Strength Athlete in the World”
by Powerlifting USA magazine 

“He’s the King of Strength. His backlift was unbelievable. But more amazing was his total commitment as a Christian.”
Bill Kazmaier
3 time World’s Strongest Man 

“Paul was an inspiration to me. Some of his feats may never be surpassed.”
Don Reinhoudt
One of the strongest powerlifters of all time 

“Absolutely no question, Paul was the Strongest of the Strong. His physical deterioration and prolonged illness for the last 16 years of his life was fate unbefitting such a great strongman and humanitarian. Paul was really a powerlifter and did the overhead lifts only because Powerlifting as a sport did not exist 40 years ago. He excelled and was world and Olympic champ because he was far stronger than anyone else. When I hear people talk that a Powerlifter will never win an Olympic Gold Medal, I tell them that Paul Anderson already did it, almost forty years ago.”
Bruce Wilhelm
Two-time winner of The World’s Strongest Man competition 

So, as you can see, his feats of strength not only speak for themselves, so do those who trained and lifted right along side him!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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