Anthony Ditillo

Famous Writer for Peary Rader’s “Iron Man Magazine”!

Author of “The Development of Muscular Bulk and Power!”

Ditillo 4 - 2In the late 1960s I started to contact anybody and everybody that was even remotely connected with strength training. All the big names…bodybuilders, weightlifters, writers, gym owners, etc.

I scanned all the magazines of the day constantly looking for new sources of information.

Letters went out nearly every day…telephone calls were common place.

One letter I mailed was to Anthony Ditillo, a writer in Peary Rader’s famous “Iron Man” Magazine.

About a week later I got a telephone call from Ditillo and a long friendship began.

Anthony was very helpful in all types of training but lifting for power was his favorite subject.

We would exchange information by phone and by mail. One day, after looking at a pile of letters and experiencing hours of phone calls, I picked up the phone and popped the question to him…

Why don’t you write a book?

“Hey, Tony, why don’t you put all this information that you have accrued over the years into a book. You’ve spent countless hours in your gym, tried all types of training routines and methods, written magazine articles, etc. Don’t you think it’s time you gave your readers a book?”

He paused for a few minutes, and then said with his usual humble candor, “Do you think there would be that big an interest in a book by me?”

“Certainly!”, I said. “Keep in mind the fact that you get several letters all the time from guys that train at home in their cellar and garage. These guys are hungry for information about what works and what doesn’t from a guy like you who has trained for years. They can relate to you.”

“Well…,” he said, “Peary has been asking me too. I’ll see if I can put something together.”

Three months later I got a rough manuscript in the mail with a note…

“If you’re not too busy and get a chance, I would appreciate any comments,” signed, Tony.

He proved on his own body that he knew what he was talking about!

Anthony was constantly experimenting with new training routines. He would train up to over 300 lbs. of solid muscle and back down to 190 lbs. of cut up muscle!

You, too, can discover how to control your muscular body weight at most any poundage desired.

Read What Charles R. Poliquin Has to Say About
Anthony Ditillo

“…I am a big believer in Ditillo’s writings, he is in my opinion one of the only authors who wrote programs that work.

The following statement may surprise some of you, but Ditillo is the author of my favorite book of all time on strength training, ‘The Development of Physical Strength’, a classic that was published in 1982.

I bought it from Iron Man magazine after reading several of his articles.

I thought his approach was logical and full of common sense; and more importantly, it worked!

It is the only book I have read more than once, and I actually bought a second copy after I misplaced my original one.

I always tell my interns to get their own copy.

It is a gem.”

Charles R. Poliquin
“World’s Most Successful Strength Coach”

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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