The Development of
Physical Strength

by Anthony Ditillo

Famous Writer for Peary Rader’s “Iron Man Magazine”

In 1982 the author wrote a second follow up to his hugely successful first book.

This book is very popular with those who want honest, result producing information and is filled with the kind of material that you need to solve your training problems and help you make the most progress that is possible for your physical type.

Great Strength with equally great Muscular Development can be YOURS by following the information found in this book.

The companion volume and great addition to the author’s first book, get both books while limited supplies last!

All types of training schedules are discussed and compared for their results.


  • The Single and Double Progression Method
  • Power Rack Training
  • Isometric and Isometronic Training
  • Various Sets and Repetitions Schedules
  • The Single Repetition Principle
  • The Intensity Factor
  • The Importance of Training Volume
  • The Coupling of Intensity and Volume Loads
  • The Cheating Principle in Strength Training
  • The Adaption Principle in Strength Training
  • Training for Powerlifting Proficiency
  • Bench Press Specialization
  • Squat Specialization for Increased Strength
  • Deadlift and Back Specialization Programs
  • The Development of Muscular Bulk and Power
  • Power Rack Training for Bodyweight Gains
  • Various Weight Gaining Routines
  • Dietary Consideration for Gaining Weight
  • Olympic Assistance Movements for Size and Strength
  • Heavy Dumbbell Training for Size and Strength
  • Various Strength Specialization Routines
  • One Lift Specialization Programs


Here’s What People Have Said About
“The Development of Physical Strength”
by Anthony Ditillo
“My books by Anthony Ditillo arrived safely in the UK a couple of days ago. Thank you for your excellent service, I’m really enjoying my new books.”
Stuart B.
Hants, United Kingdom

“Both books by Ditillo are great, Bill, I have two copies of each, signed by Charles Poliquin! Thanks for the updates, I enjoy reading about the feats of strength and dedication to health.”
Damien M.
Dublin, Ireland

“One of my favorite books. It has more info and programs from the trenches than 5 of most books. It’s incredible to me how just about everything Ditillo wrote is still dead on, if not cutting edge. Most great authors seem to have at least a little bit of trendy ideas, due to what was common during their era….not Ditillo. He must have had a rare, uncanny gift for deciphering what was legit and would work long term. Even his food and supplement advice is nearly perfect. The man was really in touch with the effect everything he did had on his body, and was somehow able to block out any bias based on whether a 1000 other ‘experts’ disagreed or not.”
Lyle S.
LaCrosse, Wisconsin

“This is probably the BEST book on how to build strength (next to Dinosaur Training by Brooks Kubik). Bought it from Bill many years ago and Ditillo really knows his stuff.”
Michael D.
Syracuse, New York

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The Development of
Physical Strength

by Anthony Ditillo

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The Development of
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