Dinosaur Training:

Lost Secrets of Strength and Development

…The Dinosaur Alternative


Kubik 1-2In 1996 I got a call from my old friend, Brooks Kubik. Brooks and I go way back. As a matter of fact, I sold weight training books to him when he was a teenager.

“Bill, I’ve put together a book and I’d like to have you take a look at the manuscript…tell me what you think.”

I said, “Sure, send it along.”

Now I knew Brooks was a serious, no nonsense, lifter as could be seen through his magazine articles.

But, gee, what else could he possibly relate that isn’t already out there?

I told him I’d edit it and make some suggestions.

He said, “Sure, go for it.”

Well, I got the manuscript a few days later in a big envelope. Sure enough, there had to be 450 pages, typed and double spaced.

I read the first chapter…hmmm…another chapter…whoa…I thought, this is really good! I wanted to continue on but was called out. The next day I finished the book, non stop.

I called Brooks that day and he asked me what I thought of it. I said, “This book is tremendous!”

He asked, “Think I should change anything?”

“No, it’s perfect the way it stands! Brooks, you’ve got to publish this book, it’s one of the best I’ve ever read!”

“How many should I print…500?”, he asked.

“No, not that many…a thousand, no make that two thousand! Print as many as you can, everyone will want a copy!”, I said.

“You really think it’s that good?” he asked, once again.

“Brooks, if you don’t want to print it, then give it to me and I will!”

He hesitated, “Okay then, I’ll print it.”

And that’s how it all started…

That is how a champion high school wrestler and 5 time National Bench Press Champion revolutionized how the average “cellar dweller” or “garage gorilla” looks at weightlifting for strength.

That is who coined the phrase, “Dinosaur Training.”

But then, I should know, I wrote the introduction.

“Learn from the Original Dinosaur!”

New and destined to be one of the most talked about books ever written for the weight training world!

Written by a man who has studied serious strength training his entire lifetime!

Finally, a weight training book that focuses on real world strength training.

Twenty Seven Hall of Fame Chapters include:

Table of Contents
Preface to the First Edition
Preface to the Second Edition

Chapter 1 – The Dinosaur Alternative – Getting caught up in the modern day training methods and why they won’t work.

Chapter 2 – Productive Training – Learn about training that works, why it works.

Chapter 3 – An Outline of Dinosaur Training – 12 key elements that should be the core of every strength training program.

Chapter 4 – Hard Work – What hard work is, examples of hard work, and the amazing results that you can expect from it.

Chapter 5 – Dinosaur Exercises – Let’s get back to basic exercises without all the fancy fanfare.

Chapter 6 – Abbreviated Training – Be well aware of the dangers of too much and too often.

Chapter 7 – Heavy Weights – Just how heavy is heavy and how to measure it.

Chapter 8 – Poundage Progression – The short and long term goals for beginners, intermediates and advanced trainees.

Chapter 9 – Death Sets – Train until you picture a skull and cross bones in your mind!

Chapter 10 – Multiple Sets of Low Reps – Commentary on its’ value by Bob Hoffman, Arthur Saxon and George Hackenschmidt.

Chapter 11 – Singles – Long lasting results are achieved by using one rep at a time.

Chapter 12 – Thick Bars – The return of thick bars and they are absolutely essential for a powerful grip and huge forearms.

Chapter 13 – Grip Work, Part One – The value of grip work in sports such as football, the martial arts, wrestling, etc., and examples of the best grip developing exercises on the planet.

Chapter 14 – Grip Work, Part Two – Advanced grip exercises designed for those who want to really specialize on a bone crushing grip.

Chapter 15 – Logs, Barrels and Heavy Bags – Whatever happened to lifting whatever heavy objects are available? Check out this chapter on odd object lifting.

Chapter 16 – Power Rack Training – Ahhh…the power rack! The meat and potatoes of every strongman’s training regimen.

Chapter 17 – A Basic Strength Training Program – Example training routines and exercises are given for four different training sessions.

Chapter 18 – Keep It Simple! – So simple even this two day training routine will reap huge dividends.

Chapter 19 – Concentrate! – The mind over matter approach to success never fails.

Chapter 20 – More on the Mental Aspects of Training – Learn to develop a burning desire coupled with visualization and auto suggestion.

Chapter 21 – Do It For Yourself – Don’t make excuses, make promises to yourself that you will succeed in your training.

Chapter 22 – Persistence – The virtue that pays huge dividends.

Chapter 23 – The Iron Will to Succeed – How to keep coming back again, again and again.

Chapter 24 – Fads, Fallacies and Pitfalls – Learn to look beyond that latest craze to find solid training information.

Chapter 25 – Just Do It! – Above all else, stop reading about it, talking about or thinking about it…just do it.

Chapter 26 – No Excuses – There are excuses for all occasions. No one believes any of them, so why waste your time.

Chapter 27 – Exceed Your Expectations – Set the bar high and surprise yourself.


Here’s What People Are Saying About
“DINOSAUR TRAINING” by Brooks Kubik:

“Hi Bill, Man am I enjoying the book you recommended, ‘Dinosaur Training.’ At about page 50 my attitude came back…feeling strong & powerful both physically and mentally. Somewhere I lost the attitude but I’m glad its back!
P.S. – I plan on reading many more of your books…man am I enjoying Dinosaur! “

Gary K., Canonsburg, Pennsylvania

“‘Dinosaur Training’ is, in my opinion, the best book ever written on strength training.”
Karl S., Suldalsosen, Norway

“I want to take a moment to comment on your all time top books. Although I might not be able to put 10 together, my all time favourite is definitely ‘Dinosaur Training’ by Mr. Brooks Kubik. After I purchased it and read, it easily became my training bible. I have read it cover to cover so many times I lost count and referred to so many more times, there’s a stain down the page edges from my thumb. It is awesome. I also purchased ‘Gray Hair and Black Iron’ which is also top notch. Stay strong, regards,”
Adam C., Ontario, Canada

“I got ‘Dinosaur Training’ two years ago. I still reread it once a month. I LOVE this site! Thanks for keeping the old stuff alive!”
Sean M., Wrightsville, Pennsylvania

“Found you in the back of ‘Dinosaur Training’ by Brooks Kubik. Fantastic Book, changed my life.”
Eamon N., Co. Wexford, Ireland

“Bought this book right after high school in 2002. Read it, Loved it, Lost it. NEED another.”
Patrick H., Clinton, Indiana

“Indeed, Brooks Kubik is in all senses a man of might and character. But thank you to you, also, as the very first book I purchased from you was ‘Dinosaur Training.’ To this day it remains the best, most important, significant, motivational and INSPIRATIONAL book I have ever bought, and most likely will ever buy. It’s not a novel. It’s not a graphic comic. It’s a book that when used correctly changes every aspect of one’s life and outlook. God Bless you and Brooks. Stay Strong.”
Lee P., Surrey, Great Britain

“In writing ‘Dinosaur Training,’ Brooks Kubik has blessed us with the finest strength training book written in more than thirty years, and one of the greatest and most inspirational strength training books of all time. If you want to learn the real, no-nonsense secrets to building true, functional strength that will last a lifetime, each page of ‘Dinosaur Training’ is packed with those secrets. No gimmicks here, just hard work and how to do it the right and most productive way. Kubik is no armchair authority. A former world record holder in the bench press, he is a lifetime drug-free lifter and athlete who practices the tried-and-true, Old-School strength-building methods he details in ‘Dinosaur Training.’ Today, past the half-century mark in age, Kubik is far stronger and fitter than the vast majority of much younger athletic men, a living testimony of ‘Dinosaur Training’s’ effectiveness. In conclusion, I give ‘Dinosaur Training’ my highest recommendation, and I strongly urge you to do yourself a special favor and purchase a copy. It will be the best strength-training investment you will ever make.”
Richard H., San Jose, California

“I turned 68 this past June 25, I can squat 355, bench 250, weak in the deadlift at around 300…..Thanks to ‘Super Squats’ and ‘Dinosaur Training,’ I’m gettin’ stronger, long term goal is bench over 300, squat over 400, deadlift over 400.”
Billy C., West Monroe, Louisiana

“I am one of the lucky ones to already have Brook Kubik’s ‘Dinosaur Training’ book. I like its no-nonsense common sense approach which deserves to be read and appreciated. I admit, I myself, was taken in by all that bodybuilding nonsense. Kubik’s book makes training simple, as it should be. Thank you!”
Davis S., London, United Kingdom

“Thanks for the heads-up about my copy of Brooks’ ‘Legacy of Iron’ going out. I just wanted to pass on my history with Brooks’ first book, ‘Dinosaur Training.’ I bought the book at the gym I was working out at at the time. It was in the bottom of this old school house(as most true gyms seem to be). It was owned and run by Jamie Harris, who at one time had the world record for the bench press at 760 lbs. My copy is a first edition, signed by Brooks himself! Needless to say, it is now a little dirty and dog-eared but that book changed my training and outlook on training forever.(not to be too dramatic.) Up and till that time I had gotten routines from magazines like everyone else. What Brooks wrote about really made sense and pointed me to a better direction than the one I was on. I know it sounds probably like the first few hundred stories you get but of all the books I have bought off of you and the back copies of ‘Milo’ I have in my own ‘garage dungeon,’ Brooks’ book ‘Dinosaur Training’ is the bible. Thanks!”
David S., Monongahela, Pennsylvania

“I recently ordered ‘Dinosaur Training’ by Brooks Kubik from you, and enjoyed it thoroughly. I remember his articles in McRobert’s ‘Hard Gainer’ publication, which like the old ‘Iron Man’, I have retained and continue to re-read. Because I am now 51 rather than 21, I think I need to see what Brooks has to say in his book, ‘Gray Hair and Black Iron’. Thanks for continuing to offer and champion the old school training programs that offer real results for the ordinary guy. Sincerely,”
David S., Isle of Palms, South Carolina 

“‘Dinosaur Training’ is amazing, I still read it loads and sometimes just skip to relevant chapters to reinforce my views and keep me motivated. Merry Christmas, expect a big order from me soon.”
Lee P., Surrey, United Kingdom 

“Please would you add my name to the order list for Brook’s new book, I have a dog eared copy of ‘Dinosaur Training’ that I constantly refer to for info and motivation.”
Robert B., Somerset, United Kingdom

“Great site! Finally found what I’ve been looking for as far as training goes. The book I’m dying to have in my hands is ‘Dinosaur Training’ by Brooks Kubik.”
Mark G., Oakville, Ontario, Canada

“Sir! Your speedy service is outstanding. I just received my copy of Brook’s ‘Dinosaur Training’ and I can’t wait to dig in and enjoy. I skimmed it tonight, but opted to put it down, because I know once I get started, I won’t stop, haha.”
Colonel David M., Fort Hood, Texas

“The best hard-core strength training book ever written”
Bob Whelan, Washington, D.C.

“I read the first ten pages and knew I was hooked. I couldn’t put it down”
Bill Hinbern, Farmington, Michigan

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A 5½” x 8½” softcover book with over 224 pages and 27 chapters!

Order your copy of Brooks Kubik’s best selling book today!


Dinosaur Training

by Brooks Kubik

$ 24.95 + S&H

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