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Paul Anderson

“The Dixie Derrick”. “The Strongest Man in Recorded History” was a Gold Medal Winner in the 1956 Olympics. His explosive, superhuman, brute force coupled with lightning speed influenced “Powerlifting” as we know it today. Read More!

Mark H. Berry

National Weight Lifting Champion of 1925. The FIRST United States Olympic Weightlifting Coach. Editor of “Strength”, “The Strongman” and “Physical Training Notes”. Head Physical Training Instructor for Bur Barbell Company. Trainer of UNDEFEATED bodybuilding champion, John Grimek. Read More!

Michael H. Brown

A bodybuilder, health advocate, writer (in Peary Rader’s ORIGINAL Iron Man Magazine). electrical, mechanical and automotive engineer, inventor (he holds several patents), Biblical researcher, lawyer and author who has written books on a variety of subjects. Read More!

Alan Calvert

Founder of the legendary Milo Bar Bell Co, the FIRST barbell manufacturer in the United States. Inventor of the Milo Triplex and Duplex Combination Barbells, Dumbbells, and Kettlebells. Editor & Publisher of “Strength” magazine, the FIRST weight lifting magazine in the United States. Read More!

Anthony Ditillo

Famous writer in Peary Rader’s ORIGINAL “Iron Man Magazine”. His logical and common sense approach to training for strength and power is highly respected by such strength coaches as Charles Poliquin. Read More!

Bob Hoffman

Read about the legendary Founder of York Barbell Company, Coach of the U.S. Olympic Weightlifting Team (1948-1964), publisher of “Strength and Health” and “Muscular Development” magazines. Read More!

Thomas Inch

“The Scarborough Hercules” was “Britain’s Strongest Man” and creator of the legendary “Thomas Inch Challenge Dumbbell” and “Challenge Gripper”. Through his physical culture mail order empire, he was the FIRST to introduce adjustable plate loading barbells and dumbbells for increasing strength. Read More!

George F. Jowett

He was editor of “Strength”, “Strength and Health”, his own “The Bodybuilder” magazine and was instrumental in getting Bob Hoffman and the Weider brothers started in the magazine business. He was the first president of the IFBB. Writer, editor, publisher, exercise equipment manufacturer, etc. Read More!

Brooks Kubik

The ORIGINAL “Dinosaur” of the weightlifting world! Multi-time state and regional powerlifting champion. Five-time National Bench Press Champion. This author set over one dozen American, National and World records in the bench press! Read More!

Reg Park

"The Legend" and Mr. Universe 1951, 1958, and 1965. Mr. Britain 1949, Mr. World 1950. The FIRST bodybuilder and SECOND man to bench press 500 pounds! Mentor of Arnold Schwarzenegger. Editor in Chief and Publisher of “The Reg Park Journal”. “Hercules” of the screen. Read More!

Harry B. Paschall

He witnessed Arthur Saxon and Eugen Sandow perform. With over FORTY years of active participation in weight lifting, he was a monthly contributor to Bob Hoffman’s “Strength and Health” magazine with his ever present cartoon side-kick and alter-ego, BOSCO! Read More!

William A. Pullum

Inspired by Arthur Saxon, his famous Camberwell Weight Lifting Club turned out more champion weight-lifters than anywhere else! Undisputed 9-stone Champion Weight-Lifter of the World for 15 years. Breaker of nearly 200 official World’s and British Weight-Lifting Records. Retired undefeated in 1929 at the age of 42. Read More!

Peary Rader

Lifter, writer, editor, publisher, and founder of the ORIGINAL, “Iron Man Magazine”, he welcomed all points of view and gave an open forum to those that wanted to share their methods for success. He gave a start to successful writers such as Anthony Ditillo, Bruce Page, Michael Salvati , Bradley Steiner, etc. Read More!

Arthur Saxon

"The Iron Master". He and his brothers, Kurt and Hermann, comprised the famous professional strongman trio “The Saxon Brothers” of the Ringling Brother’s Circus. Arthur hold’s the World Record for "The Bent Press" and "Two Hands Anyhow". Read More!
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