“Sandow Inspired Weight Lifting in America…

Alan Calvert delivered it!”

Publisher of “Strength” Magazine

Calvert 4-2When the great Eugen Sandow rocketed to stardom in the 1890s, he started a revolution in physical training. He made a major impact on those who saw him around the world.

It has been said that he, alone, was responsible for more men taking their shirts off than anyone else in history!

Women lined up to see him pose during his act.

One high society madam fainted after touching his bicep!

While making his world tour, Sandow came to the United States.

One of his stops was Philadelphia…

The home town of a young impressionable lad by the name of Alan Calvert.

How It All Started

After having the privilege of witnessing the strongman and posing act of the great Eugen Sandow, young Calvert was instantly bitten by the barbell bug.

However, in those days barbells were very expensive if they could be found at all here in America.

So in 1902, a year before Henry Ford started his automobile empire, Alan Calvert founded Milo Bar Bell Co. in Philadelphia and began producing all kinds of weightlifting equipment: globular, shot loading, plate loading, and solid; barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells, etc.

His Milo equipment and instruction via his courses and “Strength” magazine soon became the last word in weightlifting in North America from 1902 to 1935.

In fact, if you lifted weights at that time, you probably owned a Milo and were following Calvert’s world famous Milo Bar Bell Courses!

Calvert developed a huge following with a ferocious loyalty.

Many legendary stars of the strength world got their start with Milo Bar Bell Courses & equipment; John GrimekMark BerryHarry PaschallBob Hoffman, Dick Bachtell, Siegmund KleinAnton MatysekGeorge F. Jowett, “Milo” Steinborn, Joe Nordquest, Ottley Coulter, Bob Peoples, The Good Brothers, David P. Willoughby, etc.

“Calvert had more original innovative, result producing, ideas on weight lifting than any other man of the early twentieth century!”

Throughout his lifetime, Calvert wore many hats…

Founder and owner of the world famous Milo Bar Bell Company. in 1902.

Inventor of “Milo Triplex” and “Milo Duplex” Combination Barbells, Dumbbells, and Kettlebells. Calvert’s mission was to introduce weightlifting to young farm boys throughout rural America by making adjustable plate loading barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells affordable.

Editor and Publisher of “Strength” Magazine.

Teacher, Writer, Mail-Order Instructor, Etc.

He did it all and he did it amazingly well!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

It has been said that Bob Hoffman is “The Father of American Weight Lifting”.

If that is the case, then Alan Calvert is “The Grandfather!”

Here are a few of the many books and courses by Alan Calvert!

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Calvert 1-2
The Truth About Weight Lifting
by Alan Calvert
Calvert 2-2
by Alan Calvert
Calvert 3-1-2
Milo Bar Bell Courses
by Alan Calvert


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