Muscle Control

by Anton Matysek

“America’s Strongest Man 1922”

Matysek 1-2In 1922 the author, ANTONE MATYSEK, right, won the title “America’s Strongest Man” in a contest held by famed physical culturist, Bernarr MacFadden.

From then on, he became a pioneer of physical culture in America, a world renowned strongman, and possessor of the world’s finest physique, featured month after month in Alan Calvert’s “Strength” magazine, books, and courses.

While not only having a rare talent in the art of muscle control, Matysek was also a world renowned strongman, carrying on the grand tradition of such notable strongmen as Otto Arco, John C. GrimekSiegmund Klein, Maxick, Monte Saldo, and, of course, the legendary Eugen Sandow.

After achieving this immense popularity, the author set out to share his secret training methods with the world of strength.

Many of his hints, tips and secrets of his own method of Muscle Control are shown in this course.

Some subjects of the course are:

  • How To Easily Correct Rounded Shoulders
  • Easily Expel Gas From the Stomach
  • Control Every Muscle of Your Body
  • Store Up Energy For Feats of Strength
  • Complete Relaxation and Concentration
  • Effective Breathing
  • Arouse Your Inactive Nerves; Increase Your Chest
  • Famous Shoulder Blade Control
  • How To Thicken Shoulders & Make Them Supple In Three Days
  • Development & Control Of the Neck Muscles
  • Spread The Back
  • Control Pectorals, Biceps, Triceps, Thighs, and Calves
  • Master Correct Posture
  • How To Pose For Pictures
  • Advantages of Perfect Coordination of Muscles & Mind Through Concentration
  • other vital pointers for success too numerous to mention.

What Others Say About
“Muscle Control” by Anton Matysek

“I really enjoyed ‘Muscle Control’ by Anton Matysek due to the unusual training information and rare old photos in them.”
Kenova, W.VA

“Received books & courses and I was most pleased. ‘Muscle Control’ by Anton Matysek was excellent, the quality is the very best.”
Raleigh, NC

‘Muscle Control’ by Anton Matysek was very good!”
Tucson, AZ

Matysek had a fabulous physique as well as functional strength!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
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