The Art & Science of Lifting

by Thomas Inch

The First Official “Britain’s Strongest Man!”

Inch 3-2After becoming Britain’s Strongest Man in 1910, Thomas Inch wrote “The Art & Science of Lifting”.

Here, the veteran weight lifter, explains the different lifting styles used by the contemporary strongmen of the day.

Surprisingly enough, while advocating weightlifting as the best method for developing strength, the author also encourages the use of bodyweight exercises as well as that of chest expanders.

In addition, he explains that it is vital to experiment with a wide variety of different positions, styles, weights, etc. What works best for someone else may not be the best method for you.

The Table of Contents

1. Preface

2. The Selection of Weights

3. Modern Weight Lifting v. Old

4. Mode of Training

5. A New Style of Lifting—An Important Discovery

6. Up-to-date Aids to Scientific Lifting

7. Lifting in Competitions

8. Weight-Lifting for Health

9. The Bent Press

10. One-Hand Anyhow

11. One-Hand Clean Lift

12. The Snatch

13. Combined Bar-Bell and Kettle-Bell Lift

14. The One-Handed Jerk

15. The Two-Handed Clean Bar-Bell Lift

16. Two-Hands Anyhow—Bar-Bell

17. The Mauling Lift

18. Two Hands to Shoulder, Bell on End

19. Special Exercise for the Double-Handed Lift

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The Art & Science of Lifting

by Thomas Inch

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