Scientific Weight Lifting

by Thomas Inch

The First Official “Britain’s Strongest Man”!

Inch 2-2To promote weightlifting in Great Britain, and market the tools of his strongman trade, in 1905, Thomas Inch published Scientific Weight Lifting.

This, the first of his many books, became an overnight best seller with sales well over 40,000 copies!

In this book, Inch reveals, for the first time, many of the secrets of how he developed his unbeatable strength which he used on stage while traveling the music hall circuit.

His association with many of the oldtime strong men and challengers put him in a position to learn a great deal about, not only building muscle, but using the arms, legs and back to their best mechanical advantage while lifting heavy weight.

In addition, while simple and direct, Inch answers many of the questions young lifters had at a time when “weight-lifting” was thought to cause everything from flat feet to a weakened heart.

Topics Discussed in This Rare Book:

1. Your lifting potential in relation to your bodyweight.

2. Famous strongmen and what they have lifted.

3. How to train for record lifts.

4. Examples of different types of solid, hollow and adjustable barbells.

5. How to lift, snatch, swing, hold-out and press, etc.

6. Exercises for the trapezius, forearms and erector spinae muscles.

7. How to give weight lifting exhibitions.

8. How to raise a man from the shoulder with one hand.

9. How to do ring and ball lifting.

10. Tossing the bell from hand to hand overhead.

11. How to lay down and rise with bell in hand.

12. How to do harness lifting, finger lifting, and use the Roman Column.

13. The secret of card tearing.

14. How to give a weight lifting exhibition.

15. …and much, much more!!!

Here’s What People Are Saying About
“Scientific Weight Lifting”
by Thomas Inch

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This is an excellent addition to any serious weight trainer’s strongman library.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A 5″ x 7″ softcover book with 23 chapters, 88 pages including over 52 rare photographs and illustrations! An excellent book by one of the world’s most famous weight lifters of all time! Get your copy today!


Scientific Weight Lifting

by Thomas Inch

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