Thomas Inch On Strength

by Thomas Inch

The First Official “Britain’s Strongest Man!”


Inch 4-2During the early 20th century Thomas Inch became a household name throughout England. He performed to sell-out crowds on a routine basis. He took on any and all challengers from anywhere throughout Europe.

Novice would be strong men traveled from afar to seek his advice.

His mail order business was the largest of it’s kind in the history of the game.

So again, in 1932, he decided upon writing and publishing yet another book on his experiences and those that made their living with the iron.

He titled it, “Thomas Inch On Strength”, and, once again, he covers a wide variety of interesting topics.

He starts by explaining the role of the ancient strong man versus the modern strong man.

He divulges some of the secret methods used by music hall strong men including those used in card tearing, expander pulling, supporting weight, lifting human weight, juggling weights, chain breaking, bending and snapping iron bars, resisting the pull of 12 men, etc.

Later, he talks about physical culture pitfalls, mental efficiency, general hygiene, breathing techniques, diet, speed work and chest development, forearm and grip development, the art of full contraction, etc.

Then he goes on to give examples of training routines such as, the boxer’s training system, self-resistance exercises, miniature weight-lifting, etc.

In conclusion, he discusses how strength is developed and training for weightlifting.

Thomas Inch Gives Special Instructions on How to Perform Several Difficult Lifts Such As:

1. Two Hands Clean & Jerk

2. Two Hands Snatch

3. Single-Handed Clean to Shoulder

4. Single-Handed Jerk

5. Military Press

6. Single-Handed Deadlift

7. Single-Handed Arm Push

8. Rectangular Fix

9. Changing a Barbell Overhead (from Two Hands to One)

10. Barbell & Kettlebell Lift

11. Double Dumbbell Swing

12. Bent Press

13. Two Dumbbells Anyhow

Here’s What People Are Saying About
by Thomas Inch

“I’m glad you suggested books by Thomas Inch when I asked about the training methods of the oldtimers. His methods are excellent and he explains them in great detail. Thank you!”
Berton King
Marshalltown, Iowa 

“I just received my recent order from you and I must say, the book by Thomas Inch really blew me away! He was very much ahead of his time and is a good example of the methods used by the old time strong men.”
Jason Tanner
Herrin, Illinois

Furthermore, he details the different lifting styles used by contemporary strongmen that you may consider using in your own training.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

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Thomas Inch On Strength

by Thomas Inch

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