Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia

by John Jesse

“Who are the Best Conditioned Athletes?

…Wrestlers, Without a Doubt!”


Jesse 1 - 2Along about 1972 I got a telephone call.

“Hello, this is John Jesse. David Willoughby suggested that I contact you regarding memorabilia on wrestling and strength. I’m putting together a book and could use your help.”

I told him I’d see what I could dig up and get back to him. Meanwhile, I called Willoughby and asked him just who was John Jesse.

Willoughby told me…

“Bill, he was quite an amateur athlete in his own right and has coached at the collegiate level. He’s pretty knowledgeable and has promoted physical culture, weight training, wrestling, etc. for years. See what you can do to help him out.”

That was good enough for me.

I went through my archives and dug up not only material on wrestling, but various materials on weight training as well. I called Jesse back, told him what I had and made a few suggestions. I shipped a large package to him and the result came to be one of the most famous and result producing books on physical conditioning for wrestling ever written!

The Amateur Wrestler is by far the best conditioned athlete on the planet!

Look back throughout history at the best conditioned athletes and trainers. You’ll discover a common denominator at all levels. What is it? They were all wrestlers at some point.

Just look at the famous names of the past one hundred years:

Otto Arco, Farmer Burns, Frank Gotch, George HackenschmidtGeorge F. Jowett, Earle E. Liederman, Eugen SandowArthur Saxon, etc.

But it doesn’t stop there, it continues on with the likes of Matt Furey, Brooks Kubik, etc.

A Must Have For Anyone Who Wants To Be The Ultimate Fighter!

Proper conditioning is more important to success in wrestling than any other factor.

Closely coupled with desire and the will to compete, conditioning often outweighs the physical attributes of speed, strength and agility.

Even the will to win cannot carry a man through a championship match unless the groundwork was laid long before through a sound conditioning program.

“Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia” is an excellent blueprint for a conditioning program and should be of great value not only to the wrestler, but to the coach who supervises such training routines.

Jesse has done a fine job in assembling the necessary background information and presenting a sound technique for reaching the peak potential of physical effort.

Table of Contents


Part One – The Why and What of Physical Conditioning

Chapter 1 – Physical Qualifications and Strength Requirements
Chapter 2 – Training Principles
Chapter 3 – Physiology of Strength, Endurance and Flexibility

Part Two – The How of Physical Conditioning

Chapter 4 – Strength-Power Development Principles
Chapter 5 – Strength-Power Training Methods
Chapter 6 – Weight Training Systems
Chapter 7 – Safety Factors in Weight Training
Chapter 8 – Weight Training Procedures
Chapter 9 – Weight Training Home Exercise Equipment
Chapter 10 – Warm-Up Exercises
Chapter 11 – Weight Training Exercises
Chapter 12 – The Grip
Chapter 13 – All-Round Strength and General Power Exercises
Chapter 14 – Eccentric Strength Development Exercises
Chapter 15 – Dual and Buddy System Strength Development Exercises
Chapter 16 – Functional Isometric Strength and Endurance Exercises
Chapter 17 – Swing-Bell and Sandbag Exercises
Chapter 18 – Gymnastic Apparatus Exercises
Chapter 19 – Strength, Power, Strength Endurance Training Programs
Chapter 20 – Circuit Training
Chapter 21 – Endurance Development Principles
Chapter 22 – Endurance Training Methods
Chapter 23 – Endurance Development Programs
Chapter 24 – Flexibility Development Principles
Chapter 25 – Flexibility Training Methods
Chapter 26 – Flexiblity Development Exercises

Part Three – The When of Physical Conditioning

Chapter 27 – Year-Round Training Program

Part Four – Special Aspects of Conditioning and Competition

Chapter 28 – Injury Prevention for Wrestlers
Chapter 29 – Injury Prevention Exercises
Chapter 30 – Ligament Strengthening Program
Chapter 31 – Nutrition and Athletic Performance
Chapter 32 – Weight Reduction

Food Charts

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll learn to get into top physical condition no matter what your goals or sport:

What makes the sport of wrestling so special when it comes to conditioning?

13 warm up exercises designed specifically for wrestling and combative sports.

Learn the physiology of body movement in relation to strength and flexibility.

A chapter giving 81 weight training exercises using barbells, dumbbells and a flat bench.

How to build special home exercise equipment for weight training with these plans.

There are 29 all-round strength and general power exercises for endurance.

The secret 15 special exercises to develop the all important “wrestler’s grip.”

Pick from 24 swing-bell and sandbag exercises to add to your present training regime.

Gotta a training partner? Select from 60 “buddy system” strength exercises.

You’ll be given 20 strength, power and endurance sample training programs.

Details are given about 21 different exercises using gymnastic apparatus.

The how-to of ligament and joint strengthening for injury prevention.

You’ll be given 20 strength, power and endurance sample training programs.

Learn the safe methods of weight reduction for wrestling and physical conditioning.

Read about the relationship between nutrition and athletic performance.

An elaborate off season, training plan to keep you in top shape year round!

…and much, much more!!!

Read What Others Are Saying About This Famous Wrestling Conditioning Book:

“It’s an awfully good book!”

Brooks Kubik
Author of, “Dinosaur Training: Lost Secrets of Strength and Development”
Illinois State Wrestling Champion
5 Time National Bench Press Champion
Port Townsend, Washington

“Very many thanks for my copy of John Jesse’s book, ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’. What a wonderful book! So detailed and informative, the best physical conditioning book I’ve ever read!”
Gordon P.
South Wales, Great Britain

“Hi! A couple of months ago I ordered and received a copy of ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ from your company. My goodness, John Jesse’s book is an absolute GOLDMINE of information for people (like myself) who want to build good solid functional strength…Thanks so much for the awesome product and superb service, and I’ll definitely order from ‘Super Strength Training’ in the future…and tell my friends to do so, too! Sincerely,”
J. Thomas B.
Crestview, Florida

“Great book! I had it a long time ago!”
Jodie T.
Clintonville, Wisconsin

“Thanks for offering this book. I had a copy in the 70’s when I was a young wrestler but it seems to have gotten lost over the years. I’m trying to get back in condition again and think this is a great place to start.”
William P.
Newton, Connecticut

“Wow, I did get book today! The delivery was so fast! I did not read the whole book yet. The whole book is really like dictionary for the athlete. What I can say is that the book is timeless. For me this book has legendary status. In this world of endless confusing information, this book saves the day. What is so special about this book is that any, chapter, subject, theme is not treated like a secret. Everything is plain and simple and effective. That´s why I love this book. Thanks, Mr. Hinbern, for making this fantastic book available.”
Ibrahim O.
Düsseldorf, Germany

“I have been looking for this book for years. I had an original new copy in 1976 and lent it out to a fellow wrestler. Big mistake! I have told my sons about this book but have never had any luck finding it. I kept searching under ‘Physical Conditioning for Wrestling’. I thought that this was the title. For some reason last night, the search hit on your site. What I find great about the book is it talks about overall body conditioning, sandbags, kettle bells?, etc. Now that Cross Fit is all the rage, it looks like the more things change, the more they stay the same! Sincerely, Greg”
Gregory N.
Virginia Beach, Virginia

“I just wanted to send you a belated thank you for the quick delivery I got on the ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse! I got it and sent it to my son Roger who is stationed in Afghanistan. With the expedited delivery you gave me, I was able to get it right out to him and he got it 2 days before Christmas! Thank you for the excellent customer service! He loves the book!!!”
Robert B.
Beebe, Arkansas

“…if I had only known this stuff when I wrestled in high school and college what a difference it would have made. I have incorporated a lot of the information it contains in my workouts and have had a lot of success with it.”
D. S.
Chicago, Illinois

“A must-have for any beginning wrestler. Step by step guidelines to important principles of amateur wrestling. Basic skills and principles to the sport are taught. Lists many helpful body exercises to improve wrestling skills. Also contains brief biographies of pioneers in the sport here in America, such as Gotch, Hackenschmidt, and Gable. Has pictures of different variations of wrestling, such as NCAA tournaments and Indian wrestling to belt wrestling and Greco-Roman meets.”
A. W.
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

“I don’t know when my parents bought ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse, but it was long before I could ever understand it. I remember thinking that the pictures of the old-time wrestlers were cool but that it would be too much work to read. So, for at least 20 years it sat on a bookshelf collecting dust. Last year, while visiting my parents I happened to look at it. I was amazed at the great information it contains. It has hundreds of ideas on getting into better condition. I kept thinking if I had only known this stuff when I wrestled in high school and college what a difference it would have made. I have incorporated a lot of the information it contains in my workouts and have had a lot of success with it. It really reconfirms the notion that ‘new’ is not always better, and gave me a “fresh” perspective on conditioning that can help you too.”
C. S.
Dayton, Ohio

“I honestly don’t know why ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse is out of print. I suppose everyone bought a copy shortly after it was released–it HAS been out a while. The truth is, I bought two copies just before it was “phased out”, and in short order resold the second copy… (for profit, I believe.) Everyone I’ve come across in the wrestling community who has seen the book simply raves about it. I’ve even had friends of mine read it (not all were wrestlers) and not one didn’t get anything out of it. The book is thick, and full of info. Yes, it has old photos of wrestlers and styles from history and around the world. Yes, it has tips and recommendations on weight lifting. Yes, it addresses diet and nutrition. Yes, it delves into physiology and the basis behind much of its suggestions. (Key example: getting stronger increases your conditioning. You can wrestle a 150-lbs. opponent harder and longer than a 175-lbs. opponent. So if the 175-lbs. opponent *feels* like a 150-lbs. opponent, you’ve indirectly extended your conditioning.) If you don’t feel you need all that the book offers, that’s certainly no reason not to acquire it; simply save the unwanted portions for later (and if you’re active in the sport, eventually you’ll need most of what’s in here.) This book is a classic, and upon reading it you quickly understand why the training methods it teaches work. “They don’t make them like they used to” certainly applies here. Five stars for historical value, detail, sound methodology, and abundance of useful material on numerous aspects of training.”
R. J.
Paducah, Kentucky

“Hey Bill…I wanted to thank you for the great service that you provided in getting ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse to me. That book is a gold mine! Thanks a lot…Hammer sends.”
G. S.
Zambales, Philippines

“Bill, I know how hard a wrestling practice is. I was in the newspaper 25 years ago for winning a tournament. One thing I can say about wrestling, you can run all you want, but there is no shape like wrestling shape. And I know you know how it is. Your a good guy keep the emails coming, God Bless.”
Mahanoy City, Pennsylvania

“Thanks for making John Jesse’s ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ available again. I was especially impressed with the improvised equipment.”
T. C.
Somersworth, New Hampshire

“I borrowed ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse years ago, liked it, but then had to give it back. I couldn’t find another in any kind of condition since. I think it’s one of the most useful training books ever written.”
B. L.
Visalia, California

“Mr. Hinbern; I got my copy of ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse on the 28th. It is just as good as I remember it as a young high school struggling wrestler! Over the years my conditioning has been replaced by bodybuilding routines and at age 45 I’m doing pretty good for myself, but reading ‘THE BOOK’ as I used to call it, I can easily see myself going down a new path. It is fast becoming my training bible as it was all those many years ago! I can’t wait to get back into the best shape of my life! This book is going to help me with the how-to and I will provide the go-to!!! Thank you so much, Mr. Hinbern, for making this book available once again to us!!! Best wishes,”
M. N.
Manitoba, Canada

“Just received ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by Jesse today and had a quick browse, the book looks awesome, very detailed and very precise. The best of its kind that I have seen so far. I am gonna read it all the way through absorb the material and then get started on the work I need/want to do and I am gonna get my lads working on the relevant material too. Been doing a lot from the book. Trying the different routines and reading about all the old time strong man wrestlers…very interesting. The book is great with bits on Strength, Flexibility, Endurance, Weights Exercises and no weight exercises and lots, lots more. It has really improved my strength and stamina alongside practicing my wrestling. It is a great book with endless amounts of practical knowledge which anyone could definitely approve of whatever the skill level.”
Greg H.
Lancashire, England

“I love that ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by Jesse, I have read it 2X. I first read it in College while wrestling, I borrowed it from my coach. Years later I wanted the book but could not find it. My wife got it for me from you on my birthday I think. I have the book quoted in my first article.”
W. E.
Beth Page, New York

“Even though I ordered the book, ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse, over a year ago, I started to put it down and forgot about it. The other day I picked it back up and that is one fantastic book! Man, it has so much information with details of training based on a lot of old timers! Thanks for recommending it! And thanks for making me a ‘minor’ celebrity, when you quoted my email a few months back, I had 3-4 friends who subscribe to your emails emailing me asking me, was that you??? Ha, I got a kick out of it!!! Keep up the great work!”
P. W.
Mansfield, Texas

“Hi Mr. Hinbern,
Thank you for providing such a great customer service. Yeah, I am looking forward to ‘Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia’ by John Jesse.”

Jussi M.
Mynämäki, Finland

But just reading about it won’t make conditioning happen. You have to work at it. And that’s what it’s all about!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
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Wrestling Physical Conditioning Encyclopedia

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