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REG PARK, Reveals his Secret Training Methods for…

“A Big Chest for You!”

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Back by popular demand after 40 years!

The same secret chest specialization barbell and dumbbell training methods that World Famous Bodybuilder, Reg Park, used to win the prestigious NABBA Mr. Universe 3 times!

The same training methods contained in this book that are responsible for the popularity of “The Big Chest Craze” that was so prevalent during “The Golden Age of Bodybuilding” of the 1960s.

Reg Park wrote and published this course shortly after he won the NABBA Mr. Universe for the THIRD time in 1965.

He carefully laid out all the secrets that he had learned and paved the way for many of the greats during the “GOLDEN YEARS OF BODYBUILDING” in the 1960s!

This chest training book is EXTREMELY RARE.

Fortunately, I held on to a few of the last known copies from when I was the North American Agent for REG PARK (Barbell) Co., Ltd. in the early 1970’s.

Therefore, I have published a VERY LIMITED SUPPLY and can offer them today!

Here you have it, the author explains in detail EXACTLY how he built his 52 inch expanded Mr. Universe Chest!

While his immensely popular, “The Reg Park ‘Mr. Universe’ Barbell and Dumbbell Course”, has helped thousands of trainees in bodybuilding, this, his special chest specialization course, goes into detail regarding ALL facets of building a HUGE MUSCULAR CHEST.

This is NOT a beginner course!

This chest training course is specifically designed for those that have completed “The Reg Park ‘Mr. Universe’ Barbell and Dumbbell Course”, and provides an 8 Week Intermediate Course, an 8 Week Advanced Course, an 8 Week Champion Course, and an 8 Week Champion Course.

These chest training methods not only helped Reg Park become a world champion bodybuilder, they also helped him become the FIRST Bodybuilder, and 2nd Man in the World, to Bench Press 500 lbs.!

Here are some things you can expect to find in:

“A Big Chest for You” by REG PARK

Learn How Reg Park Built His “Mr. Universe” Chest.

Practice Deep Breathing.

Add Breathing Squats for Bigger Chest Expansion.

Learn to Breath for All Chest Exercises.

Training suggestions for beginners.

The 17 Favorite Exercises that Reg Park Used to Build His 52 Inch “Mr. Universe” Chest

One 8 Week Intermediate Course.

One 8 Week Advanced Course.

One 8 Week Champion Course.


Equipment Required.

Read about Reg Park – The Legend

A Complete Listing of All of Reg Park’s Bodybuilding Titles

A Complete Listing of All Movies Starring Reg Park as “Hercules.”

Plus 43 RARE photos of Reg Park posing for each exercise!

A beautiful 6″ x 9″, softcover book, with 32 pages, printed on special glossy paper.

Read what Arnold Schwarzenegger has to say about

REG PARK “Mr. Universe”

“Other than my parents, there may be no single person who had more to do with me becoming the person I am today other than Reg.

Two magnificent photos of Reg Park hang on the wall in my study, one with a handwritten inscription that I treasure. Reg was way ahead of his time; he remains an inspiration to physical culturists everywhere.”

Arnold Schwarzenegger
7-time IFBB Mr. Olympia
4-time NABBA Mr. Universe
4-time Powerlifting Champion
Motion Picture Star

Read What People Say About:

“A Big Chest for You” by REG PARK

“Hi Bill,
I got my two new Reg Park courses!
I want to give you and Jon Jon A SPECIAL THANK YOU for making them available again.
Thanks also for the Christmas card, that was great too.
These courses were a very special gift to myself.
As all the other Reg Park courses you and Jon Jon have made available.
‘Principles change, the truth stays the same’.
That is what Reg lived, wrote about in his training courses, and it’s still applicable today.
Thanks again take care my friend,

Zyndall G.
Lenoir, North Carolina

“The training information and especially the photos of Reg Park are top notch! I Already his exercises have helped improve my posture and have increased the size of my pecs.”
Robert L.
Medford, New York

“Wow, what a great weight training course! After using ‘The Reg Park ‘Mr. Universe’ Barbell and Dumbbell Course’, I can’t wait to start specializing on my chest with the Intermediate Course!”
William A.
Temple City, California

“I remember as a young teenager watching Reg Park in his ‘Hercules’ movies. Oh how I wanted to get big and strong with a huge chest like his!”
Ian A.
Tyne & Wear, Great Britain

“Many years ago, I obtained many of these fine courses directly from Reg Park when he was in Leeds, England. Unfortunately, through time, I lost all of them. Thank you very much for making them available, once again. I especially like his ‘A Big Chest for You,’ as it helped me overcome asthma.”
David B.
West Sussex, Great Britain

It’s no wonder that Reg Park quickly became the idol and mentor of 7 Time Mr. Olympia Winner, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Champion bodybuilder, strongman, movie star, gym owner, equipment distributor, writer, magazine publisher.

Reg Park did it ALL in the Iron Game!

Little wonder Reg Park is often referred to as THE LEGEND…

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

P.S. An absolute must if you want to build a HUGE MUSCULAR CHEST now! A classic course, fully illustrated.


A Big Chest for You

by Reg Park

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