How to Bent Press Correctly

by Harold Ansorge

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The Only Man in the World to Ever Officially Bent Press 300 Pounds With the Left Arm!

Ansorge 1-2The Bent Press was the pet lift of strongmen like Arthur Saxon, Eugen SandowGeorge HackenschmidtThomas InchSiegmund Klein, and Joe Nordquest.

You have probably seen what Bent Pressing did for their strength and physique!

Obviously, proper practice of the Bent Press will develop size, strength, power, a magnificent chest, huge arms, beautiful body, a strong grip, colossal back, and, above all, a powerful midsection!

In addition, the Bent Press builds strength rapidly for wrestling.

Few people know that Arthur Saxon was an invincible wrestler.

The Bent Press was partly responsible for making Eugen Sandow’s body famous!

Harold Ansorge was famous for a deadlift of 680 pounds, as well as a Bent Press of over 300 pounds.

Table of Contents

The Ten Leading Bent Pressers of All Time.


Performing the Bent Press Properly

Improper Bent Pressing

Proper Bent Pressing

Anatomy of the Bent Press

My Method of Rocking the Bell to the Shoulder

Training for the Bent Press

The Proper Mental Attitude for the Bent Press

Clothing, Supports, etc., for the Bent Press

Where to Practice

My Accomplishments in the Bent Press

Analyzing Arthur Saxon’s Style at Bent Pressing

Systematic Practice of the Bent Press

Organizing a Strong Man Act for Public Performance

Securing Your First Public Performance

How to Get Steady Work for an Act

Turning Your Strength Into Money

Feats to Perform Before the Public

Here are some of the things that you will learn from
“How to Bent Press Correctly”
by Harold Ansorge:

A Complete Training Program for the Bent Press.

All Secrets of the Bent Press Clearly Explained.

The Trick of the Bent Press Revealed.

Bent Pressing All Types of Weights.

Why Most Bent Pressers Lift with the Wrong Style.

How You Can Bent Press Record Weights.

Preventing The Ache In the Small of the Back.

Photographs of Proper and Improper Bent Pressing.

And much, much more!

In addition, this book discusses the author’s accomplishments as well as how his overall lifting jumped 60 pounds in one month as a result of strength gained through the Bent Press.

The rest of the book reveals how you can organize a strongman act, select the best feats of strength, perfect your act, and get steady work.

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A beautiful 5″ x 7″ softcover book with 35 pages including 20 photographs and illustrations!

How to Bent Press Correctly

by Harold Ansorge

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