The Key to Might and Muscle

by George F. Jowett

Author of “The Jowett Institute Course”


Jowett 1-2While working as editor for “Strength” magazine back in 1926, Jowett decided to write a book on all he learned from the oldtimers and put into practice himself.

He set out to put down on paper stories and methods that would help anyone build tremendous strength through weightlifting.

At the time, he didn’t realize how much he knew.

When the book was finished and set in type, it covered nearly 300 pages!!!

At the time, this was the longest book ever written on weightlifting and strongmen!

Today, it is considered by most, to be the classic book on weightlifting and the author’s crowning achievement.

Make no mistake, even in the 70’s, this was a very rare book and extremely difficult to come by.

This was due to two reasons:

First, it was enormously popular with everybody and anybody who lifted weights at the time.

Secondly, there was only one edition ever printed: available in either autographed leather bound or cloth bound.

That was it!

A dispute between Jowett and the editor of “Strength” magazine prevented any further editions from ever coming to be!

After searching for 12 years I finally located a copy of this book.

That was how rare this book was, even 35 years ago!

It is, beyond a doubt, one of my favorite books and will be yours too!

Table of Contents

Chapter I – A Few Chapters From the Story of My Life

Chapter II – The Truth About Exercise

Chapter III – Defining the Mystery of Strength

Chapter IV – Curative Exercises

Chapter V – Building a Mighty Chest

Chapter VI – Is There Such a Thing As Bone Strength?

Chapter VII – What is the Bogey in Forearm and Calf Development?

Chapter VIII – Thickening the Grip by Strengthening the Grip

Chapter IX – The Value of Finger Strength and How It Is Acquired

Chapter X – Famous Men of Might and Muscle

Chapter XI – How a Columnar Neck Creates Nerve Force

Chapter XII – Strengthening the Weakest Link in the Spinal Chain

Chapter XIII – Creating Intense Vitality by Abdominal Development

Chapter XIV – Banishing Round Shoulders and Protruding Shoulder Blades

Chapter XV – Some Fascinating Facts and Figures

Chapter XVI – How to Develop Superb Higs and Thighs

Chapter XVII – Where is the Science of Lifting Weights?

Chapter XVIII – Building a Shapely Arm

Chapter XIX – How Specialization Destroys the Jinx of Stubborn Muscles

Chapter XX – What is Man’s Limit in Weight-Lifting?

Chapter XXI – Why Home Exercise is Best

Chapter XXII – Do You Know the Sources of Your Vitality?

Chapter XXIII – The Standard That Determines the Ideal Shape

Chapter XXIV – Some Actual Results of Practical Exercise

Scores of beautiful photos of famous men of muscle and might: Apollon, Edward Aston, Attila, Ernest Cadine, Charles P. Caswell, Ottley Coulter, Louis Cyr, Arthur Dandurand, Hector DeCarrie, Elliott, Giroux, Hermann Goerner, Siegmund Klein, Earle E. Liederman, Jim Londos, Charles MacMahon, Al Manger, Maxick, Angus McAskill, Karl Moerke, Bobby Pandour, Charles Rigoulot, Monte Saldo, Arthur Saxon, Henry “Milo” Steinborn, Warren Lincoln Travis, David P. Willoughby, etc, etc.

What Readers Have to Say About
“The Key to Might and Muscle”
by George F. Jowett

“I bought ‘The Key to Might and Muscle’ from you a few months ago. I still can’t put it down. That book is nothing short of magnificent and much of what he says is so relevant in fitness, even to this day. He was nothing short of a genius. Thanks for reprinting it! It’s a fantastic book.”
Justin S.
Fairfax, Vermont

“Thank you for making these rare titles available at reasonable cost. I once owned an original copy of ‘The Key to Might and Muscle’ by Jowett text many years ago, but foolishly gave it away. I’m pleased you have made it available to me again.”
Dan R.
St. Paul, Minnesota

“Oh, before I forget Bill, thanks a bunch for my books, the one I found the most interesting was ‘The Key To Might and Muscle’ by George F. Jowett, the nostalgia was great, my mind went back to my first contact with the finest trainer that ever lived, truly a great man. Till the next time, Kind regards,”
Mal M.
Wolverhampton, Great Britain

A monumental masterpiece sure to thrill anyone who loves to lift weights and read about real oldtime strongmen!

Order your copy today!

Yours for greater strength,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

A 5″ x 7″ softcover book with over 294 pages, 24 chapters, plus over 33 pages of 65 photographs and illustrations!

The Key to Might and Muscle

by George F. Jowett

$ 24.95 + S&H

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