Milo Bar Bell Courses

by Alan Calvert

Founder of Milo Bar Bell Company


Over the years, countless people have asked how the old-time strongmen trained.

Well, here you have it!

Available again for the first time in 60 years…

The same courses that were shipped with Alan Calvert’s famous Milo Bar Bells.

The First Course

Calvert 3-1-2Calvert believed in “the overload principle” and that exercises must be done correctly with very small increases in weight for proper progression.

The First Course begins with 6 Preliminary Exercises designed to put anyone in top condition safely.

Then, and only then, will you be prepared to advance to the more difficult 15 Regular Exercises.

These exercises have been specially grouped together in such a way that only a few weight changes are necessary between exercises to save time.

The pupil trains for about 30 minutes every other day for about 3 months after such time he progresses to the Second Course. This First Course is fully illustrated with rare photos of the great George F. Jowett and Anton Matysek performing the exercises.

The Second Course

Calvert 3-2-2The intermediate, Second Course will continue the increase of growth in muscular size and strength.

In addition, it contains special advice to enable the pupil to do the exercises to his best advantage.

On 2 days a week the pupil will do the more strenuous developing exercises from the First Course, and on the other 2 days he will do exercises from the Second Course.

This is continued for about 3 months at which time the pupil progresses on to the Advanced Course.

He will feel a real thrill from doing these exercises as his muscles take on the shapely contour that comes with superb development.

The Advanced Course

Calvert 3-3-2The Advanced Course includes instructions in weightlifting and shows how to perform the 8 standard lifts: The One-Arm Jerk, One-Arm Press, Bent Press and its various positions, One-Arm Snatch, One-Arm Swing, Two-Arm Snatch, Two-Arm Clean to Shoulder, Two-Arm Jerk, Two-Arm Continental Press.

In addition, it contains instructions on a great variety of lifts and feats of strength such as: juggling with heavy barbells and dumbbells, tossing a bar bell or dumbbell from hand-to-hand overhead, the Roman Chair exercise, how to give exhibition feats of strength such as: The Pyramid, lifting two weights overhead, lifting one man overhead with one hand, lifting two men overhead with both hands, lifting one man overhead with both hands, carrying two men overhead with one hand, tearing decks of cards, etc.

This Advanced Course is not intended exclusively for professionals, but is also for those amateurs who wish to develop that amazing grace and agility, with tremendous power, which was a marked characteristic of the oldtime strongman of the stage.

“The great variety of exercises contained in these 3 courses of instruction will prevent them from becoming monotonous and will hold your interest by producing real results”
– Alan Calvert

Here’s What Others Say About
The Milo Bar Bell Courses by Alan Calvert

“Just received my ‘Milo Bar Bell Courses’ that I ordered. I am very pleased with them. I appreciate the speed in which I received them.”
Kenneth D.
McKenzie, Tennessee

“‘The Milo Bar Bell courses’ you recently sent me have arrived today. Thank you. The first course is a different edition than I have seen before with many excellent pictures of George F. Jowett that are new to me. Many new things and variations for me to try. Thanks again.”
Chris R.
London, England

Milo Bar Bell Company sold more barbells, had more pupils, and developed more strong men than any other company at that time!

Own a piece of weightlifting history!

Best wishes,

Bill Hinbern
Super Strength Training

The complete set of All 3 Milo Bar Bell Courses, for the beginner, intermediate and advanced lifter. Beautifully reprinted, word for word, in their original 8½” x 11″ format, including 64 pages and fully illustrated with over 120 photographs and illustrations! As shipped with Milo Bar Bells during the Roaring 20’s! Fantastic!

Milo Bar Bell Courses 1,2,3

by Alan Calvert

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